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Turnooki Line Sketches

by Pollen-Puff

Pollen-Puff Hello! Here's my first online fakemon. I know the drawing looks really bad but this is my rough sketch for the line. Soon, I'll redraw them in Autodesk Sketchbook and color them, too (maybe).

Alright, let's explain this.

Turnip + Tanuki
Charming Bandit Pokemon
Pokedex 1: Turnooki loves eating lots of fruit and stealing it, too. It will charm you with its cute eyes and cause a small flower to grow, then snatch any fruit you have!
Pokedex 2: This Pokemon is both a notorious thief and extremely affectionate. If you make friends with a Turnooki, it will steal you a berry every morning.
Abilities: Overgrow, Nutrient Thief (hidden)*

Radish + Slice
Aggressive Bandit Pokemon
Pokedex 1: Radislice is less interested in stealthy thievery than its pre-evolution. Instead, it steals from those it beats in battles and makes itself known when it does.
Pokedex 2: Radislice steals from those it defeats in battle. Don't worry, because fruits are still their spoils.
Abilities: Overgrow, Nutrient Thief (hidden)*

Rabid + Rosid
Floral Bandit Pokemon
Pokedex 1: Rabosid is now one with the plants growing on it. Its cape is the pride of its species and it even strengthens their natural and dark powers. Don't take it off or it will become enraged and
Pokedex 2: Rabosid has mastered its natural abilities. It can cast a dark aura on its claws to make its attacks stronger and use its natural abilities to extract the nutrients from a berry without piercing the skin!

Nutrient Thief:
*these Pokemon didn't have Nutrient Thief in the sketch, but I changed my mind while typing this.

Nutrient thief is the signature hidden ability (as of this post) of the Turnooki line. When a Pokemon with this ability makes contact with another and they have lost at least 25% health, they will regain 25% health by knocking off the opponent's item and stealing nutrients. If a Berry is stolen, the Pokemon will just activate any non-healing berry effects and eat it. This restores 1/3 of the health, rounded down.
  1. Pollen-Puff
    Somehow you actually deciphered the drawings!
    Jul 13, 2019