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Tsukaikoyo High School stuff: Tsukaikoyo High School stories Page 1

by ~Rinko~

~Rinko~ (Inspired my love of anime/manga, Japanese mythology and partially MHA I came up with this...)
It's the first day of high school for the fifteen year-olds in Japan, and on the second-largest Island of Hokkaido, it means a new school year in Tsukaikoyo High School!
I tried to make it sound as similar as I could to actual Japanese speech so there are a couple honorifics and when characters saying full names list their family name first.

Character list (given name/family name order, in order of when they were named): Yume Fujiwara (Human), Imako Nawasu (Bakeneko), Kyomi Kūkiyo (Tengu), Daiko Yukinofu (Unknown), Hikari Firamo (Human), Kamui Tsunei (Kitsune).

Please let me know if you want to be tagged in future pages!
It was an ordinary day all across Hokkaido, at least, as ordinary as it could be since the appearance of Yokai all throughout the island. The Yokai were feared when they first appeared there, however they didn’t attack anyone unlike what the people thought. Tsukaikoyo High School was set up for both Yokai and some humans who had gained magical powers at around the same time.

And that is where this story begins, Tsukaikoyo High School in Kitahiroshima, 2059, the first day of high school for all the fifteen year-olds in Japan. Including a young black-haired Bakeneko; “I... Can’t... Be... Late!” The Bakeneko panted, before she transformed into a two-tailed black cat with white paws and tail tips. The Bakeneko ran towards the school at top speed.

“Aww... it’s a cute little cat,” A young girl bent down and petted the Bakeneko, before they transformed back into their human form. “A-ah!” The girl jumped back in shock, “Oh, sorry about that, my name is Fujiwara Yume and yours is?”

“U-uh, I’m Nawasu Imako, and please just call me Nawasu;” The Bakeneko replied as she brushed her clothes off. She had light blue eyes, a purple headband; and two tails and cat ears in even in her human form as well.

“Okay then Nawasu,” Yume smiled, she had long dark brown hair and red eyes; “I would really like to know more about you, I would assume that you’re a Bakeneko am I correct?”

“Yup,” Imako somewhat bluntly replied. “Oh look, over there’s the school;” she said somewhat enthusiastically.


At the school, all of the students were given their lesson plan and were sent to different classes based around it.

“Huh, I’m in the Ikamono class? That’s normally for Yokai only...” Yume mumbled, a bit before she took her seat in the classroom.

“You’re in this class too Fujiwara-san?” Imako looked over at her curiously.

“Yeah, I don’t know why exactly,” Yume looked at her hands, ‘Do they know how strong my magic is?’ she thought, ‘No, that isn’t likely, but it’s probably the most likely possibility...’ Yume shook her head, “Anyway, classes are starting soon, so let’s be quiet Nawasu.”

“Please don’t tell me what to do Fujiwara-san” Imako sighed as she turned her head to focus on the blackboard.

“Oh, okay then,” Yume replied, “I wonder where the teacher is... They probably should be here by now,” she continued as she looked at the clock, five minutes to the hour.

“I dunno,” Imako noticed a door in the ceiling, “Huuh, that’s strange...” she muttered.

“Attention if I may,” someone said, seemingly from above the classroom. The door in the ceiling opened and a bright red haired Tengu glided down behind the teacher’s desk. “I am Kūkiyo Kyomi and your teacher for the school year.”

‘Well there’s our teacher then, a Tengu eh? That seems to fit with some legends about them...’ Yume thought to herself.

“Now, before we begin, I must point out that an exceptionally magically strong human is in this class, and that she made it into this class due to having far more magical ability than any human has ever been seen to possess,” Kyomi continued, “And with that out of the way, we will begin the day’s lessons.”

‘So they do know... what happened with my magic? I...I know a lot of people saw it but... I didn’t think that the teachers and staff at this school knew...’ Yume sighed as she thought to herself.


Soon enough, the morning’s lessons passed by and it was lunchbreak already. Imako went to see what food they had on offer, “Why do I smell a bird right now?”

“You’re standing over the Yakitori they have on offer you dummy,” a short, yellow-haired boy pushed Imako out of the way.

“Wha-?” Imako jumped back slightly, “Don’t tell me what to do or push me!”

“I don’t get why a two-tailed Bakeneko should boss around a three-tailed Kitsune!” The boy brushed Imako off. He glanced back at her briefly, before he looked at the other foods on offer.

“Whoa, that guy was harsh Nawasu,” Yume walked up to Imako, “Anyway, what’s the class we’ll have after lunchbreak again?”

“Ability training,” Imako bluntly replied without turning to look at Yume.

“Oh, so training my magic or any innate abilities the Yokai in our class have then... Huh...” Yume started to zone out. ‘I need to stop anything like what happened nine years ago from happening again... I can’t risk causing a huge problem after all...’ she thought.

“Pretty much,” Imako said as she picked up a plate of Yakitori; completely unaware that Yume had zoned out. “Fujiwara-san?” Imako looked at Yume, “Hee-ll-oooo?”

“Huh?!?” Yume jumped up in shock, “Oh, um yeah, right, um, I’ll just get some... Uhh... I’ll have a small bowl of Udon I guess...” Yume mumbled, as she was still thinking about what had happened before.

“’Kay then Fujiwara-san,” Imako said as she sat down and began to eat some of her Yakitori.

“Thank you Yukinofu Daiko-sama,” Yume smiled as she picked up a small bowl of noodles. Yume walked over to Imako, “So, do you watch anime?” Yume asked as she sat down.

“Nope,” Imako said in-between bites of Yakitori.

“Oh, okay then, do you read manga then by any chance?” Yume said before she started to eat.

“I’m considering to, it’s interesting from what I’ve heard,” Imako replied as she finished of another piece.

“Ooh, what’s it about then? Is it about magic or giant super-intelligent animals or- wait I’m rambling too much...” Yume said excitedly before she stopped herself from blabbing too much.

“Neither,” Imako said, “It’s an action-packed ‘shounen’ manga, not sure what that exactly means,” she continued.

“Who gave you that description?” Yume asked, “I mean, most shounen manga’s are action-packed, at least the popular ones,” she shrugged before continuing to eat.

“My older sister, Kairi-chan, recommended it to me,” Imako smiled as she spoke.

“Hey, what are you two doing there! Those seats are for me and my pal here ya’see’ere?” the yellow-haired boy from before came towards Yume and Imako alongside a silver-haired girl with dusky purple eyes.

“You’d better listen to Kamui-sama, he’s tough,” the girl said, “Oh, you don’t know our names do you? I’m Firamo Hikari and this Kitsune here is Tsunei Kamui-sama.”

“Didn’t need to introduce me Hikari-kun,” Kamui said bluntly, “Wait, you’re Fujiwara Yume aren’t you? The human who got into the Ikamono class? Hmpf, I should’ve got in that class in your place,” he said after he noticed Yume sitting there.

“Huh? I think I need the extra training a little more than you though; my magic... I don’t exactly have the best control of it...” Yume sighed.

“Pfft, whatever it is, you’ll show me how much you need it, right here, right now, you got it?” Kamui said determinedly.