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Truths Revealed: Truths Revealed Prolouge

by Pokemastermon

Pokemastermon Finally I can make a consistently uploaded nuzlocke series
After 2 years of being in a coma Teri finally woke up and was finally let outside of the hospital.
"Hey, Forrester you know anything that's changed around here." She asked.
"If you mean while you were in a coma then there's a pokemon giveaway at Aspertia City." Her Sceptile explained.
"Well this probably means you're gonna drag yourself on a plane to somewhere you hardly know to start a new adventure when you just woke up from an ARCEUS DANG COMA!" He shouted.
"Yep." Teri said.
"I'll take the PC thank you very much." He said walking away.
After flying in First Class she landed on Aspertia's Outlook on a small platform near a lake and walked over the the large party was hosted.
"Oh hey, are you hosting this?" She asked.
"Oh my Arceus. Are you Teri, the Ex-Champion of Hoenn?!" The young woman asked.
"I'm just here for a giveaway, no autographs." Teri said.
"Well which one would you like?" Bianca asked.
"I'll take the pig." Teri said.
"You mean the Tepig." Bianca said.
"Yeah whatever." Teri replied, "I'll name you ... Ben." She said.
"Sounds fine." The Tepig said.
"Look what the Purrloin dragged in." A voice called.
"And who are you?" Teri asked.
"Name's Hugh." He said, "I'm here for a Pokedex." Hugh explained.
"Well here you go!" Bianca said clearly unfazed by his intimidating appearance.
"Wait don't you need a Pokemon too?" Teri asked.
"I already raised one from an egg." Hugh explained. "Anyways Ms. Ex-Champion, let's battle!"
"Fine." Teri said.
"This isn't that bad." Ben said getting used to his new life.
"Go tackle it or whatever." Teri said.
"Already done." Ben replied.
"Well looks like I've lost. At least you seem like a trainer I can count on." Hugh said walking off.
"Time for an unnecessary tutorial!" Bianca exclaimed.
Teri was dragged off to the Pokemon Center.
"Now this lady is Nurse Joy, and there's the PC and here's the Pokemart." Bianca explained. "And here are some pokeballs, now let's go use them!"
Teri was then dragged to the first route of Unova.
"And then you throw a pokeball at it!" Bianca said.
When Bianca looked back Teri was already gone.
"Sorry I'm not a cat person." Teri said she as talking to a Purrloin.
"And I'm not a human person." The Purrloin countered.
"I like your style." Teri replied back.
"Why thank yo-" The Purrloin was cut off.
"I'll name you Missy." Teri said looking at the ball.
-Team Overview.-
-Met at level 5
-Proud of its power
-Met at level 4