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Truths Revealed: Truths Revealed Ch 1

by Pokemastermon

Pokemastermon Team: Ben the Tepig, Missy the Purrloin
As Teri headed for Floccesy Town she was stopped by the former champion of Unova Alder.
"It seems I'm not the only one off my position." He said.
"Look just because I'm out of my element here doesn't mean you have an excuse to challenge me." Teri said. "I'd beat it anyways."
"So I suppose going against a few school children won't be too hard." Alder replied.
"Wait I gotta deliver a map first." Teri said running off to Route 20.
"Not so fast!" A youngster and a Lass said.
"Look if you want autographs just tell me now." Teri explained.
"No we want to battle!" The young trainers said in unison
"Fine Ben, Missy take care of those two while I get a new team member
"O-Oh I'm so sorry." A Patrat said.
"Don't be." Teri said comforting it.
"T-Thanks." It replied.
"Wanna join me?" Teri asked.
"I don't really k-kno-" The Patrat was cut off.
However before being captured it let itself out.
"Sorry I'm kinda claustrophobic." It said.
"Whatever." Teri said. "Just sit on my shoulder."
"Finally we're done." Ben said.
"And here I thought you were completely fine with everything." Missy replied.
"It's time for Floccesy Ranch." Teri said.
-End of Chapter.-
New Member:
-Pokemon: Patrat
-Ability: Run Away
-Often Dozes Off.
-Nature: Naive