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Lost History: Trust of the Wicked

by Lost Souls

Lost Souls Alice doesn't know exactly why her life has come to this, but yet again she is trying to earn the trust of someone she just met. This time for a reason she never expected to face.
Letting out a loud scream I swung, a loud crack informing me that my first hit its target.
"Hey, it's alright. I was called in by the Straiton trio, said something about you being quite restless on the way here." Will said clicking the light on. "I just had Marshana connect me with dream eater."
'Child I believe that he is trying to be genuine, however, there is something dark in him.' The voice said, a warning tone in his voice. 'Be cautious with him.'
With a nod, I slowly pulled myself into a sitting position. Taking a few deep breaths I grabbed the Red Orb and placed it on my lap. Much to my surprise, it was tangled in a metal demand and strung on a chain. That chain went thru a thin red choker with a beautiful stone embedded in the center.
"What is this?" I asked tilting my head. Not waiting for a response I clipped the choker on and let out a small chuckle.
"Its just a precaution, you can't be too careful," Will responded with a small smile. "It looks really nice on you."
"Save it, what do you want?" I asked narrowing my eyes.
"I want to help you, I could probably pull more of your memories. However, I kneed you to do one thing for me." He responded smiling lightly.
I simply raised an eyebrow, not letting up my glare.
"Reagan the Trio's trust and I will help you remember more."
The trio, I had definitely done wrong by them. Not only had I cheated, but they knew full well that I had stolen from the crowd.
As reality set in a small fear entered my heart. Had they confiscated the pokemon? Did I have nothing to show to N?
"I confiscated the Pokemon, said that I would give them to the league. See I'm not going to that unless you don't want to give your boss this gift." Will taunted, a clear smirk on his face. He knew more than he was letting on.
"I'll talk to them, but I can't promise that they will ever trust me again," I responded weakly chuckling. "But how much do you know?"
"Just a hunch, but I had a feeling that it wouldn't end with Magma. Turns out I'm right." He responded, dropping n outfit on my bed.
At a sharp glare, he stood and left, allowing me to change into the new outfit.
This outfit consisted of a black sweater, a heavy grey vest and black heavy pants. Letting out a small sigh, I should my head. This was going to be a long day.