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Daughter/Servant Of Evil: True Love

by WolfyPop

WolfyPop Suggestions for the story are accepted!

@Blu Ace
"So, how is your family?" Midnight asked, "Fine, even thought I haven't seen mum and dad for a long time..." Zenith sighed, staring at his reflection in the water. "Well, you aren't he only one..." Midnight frowned. "Hey, how is Amethyst? Haven't seen her for a while..." The Shiny Espeon turned to Midnight. "Well, kinda the same thing, haven't seen her either..." He sighed, looking in the direction where his parents lived. Zenith flicked his tail angrily. "Why did they do this to Phoenix, she was my sister..." He growled, his claws gripping at the ground. "Who knows, maybe she was supposed to become royalty... and you weren't..." Midnight tilted his head. "Well, how about we go back?" The Shiny Umbreon looked at the Kingdom. "Sure..."

While padding back to the Kingdom, Zenith noticed something in the bushes. "Huh? Whats wrong?" Midnight asked. "You keep going, I will catch up..." Zenith told him. The Shiny Umbreon shrugged and walked off. The Shiny Espeon crept towards the bush, then he tripped over a rock and onto something soft.

"Owe.." He said, opening his eyes. As he did that, he blushed. Zenith was laying on a beautiful Shiny Leafeon. Quickly, Zenith got off of her. "S-Sorry!" He stammered. "I-It's alright, are you okay? My name is Rose..." The Shiny Leafeon blushed. "Hi Rose, I am Zenith, at your service..." He smiled. She smiled back. "Do you live here?" Zenith asked. "No, I live in the forest, Rose smiled, looking back to the forest behind her.
The two sat there, blushing.