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Trivvy's story: Trivvy's story: Chapter 5

by Midnight Heart

Midnight Heart A young, starving and disheveled orphan discovers what they want to be in life, but in the process, accidentally stumbles down a darker path, making their goal even more difficult to achieve. Will their heart remain pure and unwavering, or will it become corrupted and dark?

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@Willow Tree
Once they heard the other performers begin moving around on the stage above them, the crowd outside cheering and clapping because of whatever they were doing, Roy lead Trivvy to the back of the stage, pushing open a small door that lead outside. Trivvy squinted as the light blinded them momentarily, their eyes having gotten used to the dark the short amount of time they were underneath the stage. Roy's flashlight hadn't put out much light, just enough for them to see where they were going.

"Well, I suppose I should go find Amy, and get ready for our next routine we're doing later. What are you gonna do, kiddo? You can chill out for awhile back here with mine and Amy's co-workers if you'd like." Roy turned to them as they crawled out from under the stage. They were pretty sure they still had a little while longer before they had to go meet Unigma, it wouldn't hurt to stay and watch the show awhile longer, would it...? And besides, since they decided they wanted to become a performer like Roy and Amy, it wouldn't hurt to get started on trying to learn some basic tricks... Though Roy had said they could stay behind the stage for awhile, which could definitely help them learn stuff, a lot of the performers had animals, and they honestly still found those quite terrifying, so that wasn't really an option.

"I think I'm going to keep watching the show for awhile longer, and then I have to go meet a friend." Trivvy responded. Roy nodded.

"Whale I suppose this might be goodbye for meow, then! Me and Amy will be doing our next routine in about two hours, if you're still around by then, though. Although I don't think we'll need a helper for this one, unfortunately!" Roy waved at them, before turning to leave.

"H-hey, actually, can I ask you something before you go?" Trivvy suddenly asked. Roy turned to face them again. They didn't want to stay behind the stage since there were probably animals running around, so this could be their only chance to ask any questions about being a performer...

"Sure, I don't see why not. Hit me with your best question, kiddo, and I'll give ya my best answer!" He struck an unnecessary pose, his hands on his hips and chest puffed out comically. Trivvy couldn't help but giggle.

"Well, um... How did you decide to become a clown?" Roy looked a bit confused for a moment, apparently having expected a different question.

"To be honest, it's actually a pretty lame story. When I was a teen, I liked visiting the circus. At first it was just to watch the shows, but one day, I realized I was mainly watching peoples reactions. I liked hearing them laugh, seeing them shocked, and families having a good time together watching the show. And so I thought to myself, I'd like to entertain people too and see how they react to things. The clowns in the circus seem to have fun doing their routines too, so why not try being a clown?" Roy explained, waving his hand around slightly.

"Are there ever times you regret being a clown?"

"Honestly, I do have my moments sometimes when the going gets tough where I sit and wonder, is this really what I wanted to do? Did I make a mistake? But then I think about all the people I've cheered up, and made laugh, about how I met Amy at a party we were both performing at, and several years later ended up marrying her, and adopting a little cat and dog together, and realize that no, I did not make a mistake. My choice helped get me to where I am today, and I wouldn't go back and change my mind if I had the option, even if someone offered to pay me a billion dollars to do so."


After waving goodbye to Roy, feeling even more confident in their recent decision due to Roy's answers to their questions, Trivvy went to watch the show for a bit longer, and not long after, decided that perhaps they should go ahead and go meet Unigma in the park. Though they would've liked to stay and try to learn tricks for what they were now determined would be their future career one way or another, they couldn't neglect studying. They weren't sure what Mr. Unigma would be teaching them, but either way, knowledge was knowledge, they could use it for something. Probably.

Trivvy briefly considered stopping and trying to find food since they never found any before going to watch the show in the town square, their empty stomach rumbling, but decided against it. They weren't sure what time it was, and they really didn't want to be late. They could always scour the trees in the park for fruit when Mr. Unigma was done teaching them. Though they couldn't recall seeing anymore apples on the apple tree yesterday besides the two they managed to find, and didn't think they saw anything on the other trees...

"Ah, hello there young Trivvy! You are quite early. Eager to learn, aren't you?" A voice called out to them as they entered the park. They quickly identified the voice as Mr. Unigma's, and made their way over to him.

"Hiya, Mr. Unigma! I was worried I'd be late..."

"No need to worry, child. It's better to be early than to be tardy, no? Besides, the earlier we start, the earlier we'll finish, correct?"

"I guess so? Sooo... What are you gonna teach me today?"

"Good question, little one. I've prepared a small test in order to get a better grasp on how knowledgeable you are, and once you've completed that, I shall assess it and decide what you should be learning and improving upon based upon how well you do in each subject. The test contains all the basics and things for all the subjects that 11 year olds like yourself learn in a proper school." Unigma explained. As he mentioned the test, he motioned towards a rather large folder filled with papers that was laying beside him on the park bench. Were... Were all of those papers for the test?! They sure hoped not! They'd never manage to finish that!

As Mr. Unigma motioned for them to have a seat on the bench as he began flipping through papers in the folder, Trivvy wondered about something. How exactly had Unigma came to the conclusion that they were 11 years old? Trivvy knew they were at least around 12 years old, but wondered how Unigma decided upon 11. They supposed it was probably just a random guess. It wasn't like they could actually verify their own age, anyways, since they couldn't even remember it themself. As they sat down, however, they still couldn't shake the feeling that something felt off. He had said it quite confidently, as though he knew it for a fact... Oh well, they were probably just imagining things or over thinking again.

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