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Trivvy's story: Trivvy's story: Chapter 4

by Midnight Heart

Midnight Heart A young, starving and disheveled orphan discovers what they want to be in life, but in the process, accidentally stumbles down a darker path, making their goal even more difficult to achieve. Will their heart remain pure and unwavering, or will it become corrupted and dark?

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@Willow Tree
Hey, that lady just pulled a rabbit out of her hat! Oh, and there's a clown doing tricks too! Trivvy watched in delight as the show began, excitedly looking from one performer to the next. They noticed a cage near the back of the stage that had a man and a lion inside of it, the man holding what appeared to be chicken in his hand. What in the world was he doing?! Trying to get himself killed?! Trivvy watched in horror as the lion stepped closer to the man, menacing and terrifying... Before gently taking the chicken out of the man's hand, while the man petted the lion's head. Huh? ...That's not what they had expected at all! They were amazed. How did the man get the lion to be so friendly? Was it actually someone in a costume or something? ...No, the lion looked quite real, too real to simply be someone in a costume. How'd the guy avoid getting his face clawed off, then...?

Trivvy was distracted by a whistling noise, followed by confetti being thrown in the air from... Somewhere? Looking away from the lion cage, Trivvy noticed someone with blonde hair, dressed in clothes similar to the ones that the clown Amy had worn, holding a large hoop that was completely engulfed in flames, except for the handle she held. Wait... That was Amy, not just someone with a similar outfit! They smiled, happy that at least one member of yesterday's clown duo was there.

They watched in curiosity as a small dog walked over to Amy, and upon Amy whistling again, hopped through the burning hoop. Trivvy briefly felt their heart stop for a moment, expecting the dog to burn itself, before letting out a sigh of relief upon seeing that the dog was okay. Amy began moving the hoop around and whistling, the dog hopping through with no trouble each time the clown whistled. How cool, Trivvy thought!

"Abracadabra!" They heard someone call out from another part of the stage. They turned to see who had spoken, and saw the same magician they had seen pull a rabbit out of her hat a few minutes ago. This time, she pulled two small gray rabbits out of her hat, and they and the first rabbit were now running in circles around the woman's feet, the woman bowing as some of the crowd clapped.

"Well, owl about that! Miss Bunny over there is on a roll with her tricks!" A man spoke. Trivvy thought the voice sounded like Roy's. Looking towards the center of the stage, Trivvy was delighted to see that it was indeed Roy... On a one wheeled bicycle, and juggling colorful bowling pins? What? They heard people around them in the crowd giggling.

"Maybe it's about time we get on with our own performance to outshine her, eh, Amy?" Roy spoke, riding the one wheeled bicycle (They believed it was called a unicycle...?) around Amy as she had the dog jump through the burning hoop one last time, before she threw the hoop over to a clown Trivvy had never seen before, whom caught it by the non-burning handle, while the dog trotted over to them, presumably to continue it's performance. How they avoided burning themselves, Trivvy would never know.

"I believe you may be right, Roy. I don't think this one will be expected!" Amy said, seemingly excited. What were those two planning to do? They watched as Roy threw his bowling pins over to Amy, who continued to juggle them herself, and Roy stood on the seat of his unicycle, before doing a backflip off of it. Amy stopped juggling the bowling pins and hid them behind her back, only to bring her now empty hands back into view. They were very confused.

"Let us begin! Please, please, allow us to have the stage for a few moments, my fellow entertainers!" As the words left Amy's mouth, the other performers began stopping their tricks and moving to the edges of the stage.

"Meow for this performance, we will need a helper! Would anyone like to volunteer? If so, please raise your hand!" Without them realizing, Trivvy's hand was in the air.

"Ah, seems like you there are quite eager, little one!" Roy exclaimed. Trivvy looked around, wondering who Roy was speaking to, before realizing they were the only child in the direction that Roy was looking. ...When had they even raised their hand?!

"Why don't you come on up and tell us your name, child?" Amy asked. Trivvy blinked in confusion as the clown walked to the edge of the stage, and extended a hand towards them, smiling softly. Hesitantly, they reached out and took Amy's hand, and found themselves pulled up onto the stage.

"As you may have already learned, my name is Amy, and this animal pun loving fellow is my partner, Roy. What might be your name, I wonder?" Trivvy glanced back at the crowd nervously. They were honestly a bit terrified, having so many eyes watching them at once.

"U-um, my name is Trivvy, miss..." Trivvy squeaked out. Amy smiled once again.

"Nice to meet you, Trivvy. Are you ready to be part of a magnificent performance, sure to wow the crowd?"

"I... Guess so? As long as there aren't any animals involved..." Trivvy spoke, voice so quiet that they weren't sure if Amy could even make out what they were saying.

"Don't worry! There's no animals involved! There's also no need to be nervous, once we start the crowd won't even see you!" Amy leaned close and whispered to them, smiling. No one would see them? That made them glad, but... What exactly would they be doing?

"Now, people of Rubith Town, prepare to see a once in a life time experience! Why, you may ask? Well, we'll be doing a disappearing act! Oh, but not just any disappearing act! We are going to make not one, but TWO people disappear at once!" Roy spoke as Amy lead Trivvy to the center of the stage. Ah, so that's what Amy had meant by them not being seen. They noticed two purple booth looking things had been wheeled to the center of the stage, with long, darker purple curtains on them to cover the doors. What were those for?

"Now, let us begin! Roy and young Trivvy here shall disappear, both at once! Please, step into the booths, you two!" Amy spoke. Trivvy hesitantly stepped towards one of the booths, watching as Roy disappeared into the other booth, Amy reaching and pulling the curtain closed so it obscured the door after he entered. Stepping into the remaining booth and turning to face the door, Trivvy watched as Amy walked to their booth, winking one of her blue eyes at them before pulling the curtain closed, covering Trivvy with darkness due to the curtain being too thick to let light in.

They heard Amy speaking from outside the booths, but couldn't quite make out what she was saying. How would she make them and Roy disappear, Trivvy wondered. Weren't disappearing acts something magicians did, not clowns? ...Oh well, they supposed that wasn't important.

Suddenly, they heard a click, and felt themselves fall, though not far at all, landing on something soft. They assumed it was a pillow they landed on. A few seconds later, they heard gasps, and the crowd outside cheering and clapping. Were they underneath the stage? It was quite dark...

"Not what you expected, eh, kiddo?" A light suddenly shone next to them, a flashlight they quickly realized.

"Me and Amy unfortunately don't actually have any sort of magic or stuff like that like some of our fellow performers do, so we have to resort to cheap tricks like this from time to time. Don't tell anyone, 'kay?" Roy spoke cheerfully.

"Uh, okay... How'd we fall down here? I didn't see any trap doors or loose boards or anything on the stage before the booth thingies were moved onto the stage." Trivvy asked curiously.

"Ah, that. Believe it or not, there actually are trap doors in the stage! We figured out how to make ones that are so well made, they really do look just like regular ol' boards from the outside. The booths had trap doors in the bottoms too, which opened the same time the ones in the stage did." Roy explained. He pointed the flashlight up at the stage, showing where the trap doors were.

"Sorry there ain't much room under the stage, by the way. Since it's just a temporary stage that will have to be taken down later, we didn't bother putting much room underneath, just enough for people to crawl around under for tricks like the one we just did."

"It's fine. How long do we have to stay under here...?"

"Not long. Once we hear the other performers moving around and doing their routines again, we can leave. We want the attention to be on them, so no one will notice us leaving. There's a door at the back of the stage that we'll leave from. Shouldn't be anyone back there except for more of mine and Amy's co-workers, but just to be safe." Roy fiddled with a lock of his dark brown hair, it having fallen into his face.

Despite learning that some of the entertainers didn't actually have any magic powers or anything, and instead had to fake some of their tricks, Trivvy still couldn't help but be amazed by what they had seen today. A women pulling rabbits out of a hat that all three rabbits definitely couldn't have fit in together, clowns doing all sorts of fancy jumps and twists and more, a man somehow feeding a lion and petting it without getting mauled, a dog jumping through a burning hoop, Roy juggling and riding that weird bicycle thing, and Amy somehow making bowling pins disappear... It was all so very amazing to them.

The fact that any of the performers had the courage to even be on a stage with so many people watching them, and the fact that they managed to make people laugh and enjoy watching their show made it even better to Trivvy, and the performers seemed to even be having fun themselves. Being able to entertain people and make them laugh and be happy, whilst also getting to have fun themselves...

That was what Trivvy wanted to do, they decided. Forget being an astronaut, or a teacher, or a firefighter like most other kids wanted to be. Trivvy wanted to be just like the people they had watched today. They wanted to be able to make people laugh, and bring people joy, and amaze them, just like how Amy, Roy and the other performers could.