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Trivvy's story: Trivvy's story: Chapter 3

by Midnight Heart

Midnight Heart A young, starving and disheveled orphan discovers what they want to be in life, but in the process, accidentally stumbles down a darker path, making their goal even more difficult to achieve. Will their heart remain pure and unwavering, or will it become corrupted and dark?

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@Willow Tree
After saying goodbye to Mr. Unigma, and searching the apple tree in the park, Trivvy decided it was time to head back to the shed they were temporarily residing in. They went through the town square on their way to the shed, hoping that perhaps Amy, Roy, and their little cat were still there, but were disappointed upon finding the makeshift stage empty, and the funnily dressed duo nowhere to be seen. Since they had left their stage there, perhaps they would be back tomorrow?

Trivvy bit into one of the apples they found, as they continued their walk. Speaking of tomorrow, they wondered what Mr. Unigma would teach them tomorrow. They still couldn't believe that someone actually wanted to teach them! Maybe he would teach them more advanced math? Or maybe he would teach them about that one fancy sounding subject they had heard of in a book once, and couldn't quite make sense of. Gemotry? Geomity? They couldn't remember what it was called.

Ooh, or maybe he would teach them science! Mixing things together to create different concoctions sounded cool, they would be like a witch! ...Or was that a different subject? Either way, they were excited nonetheless.

Finishing their apple, and then throwing the core into a nearby trash can, Trivvy decided to save the last apple for when they arrived back at the shed. It was beginning to get colder again as the sun went down, and they shivered. At least they would have a mostly full belly tonight! Maybe eventually they could somehow get some money and buy a blanket or jacket. But then again, they needed whatever money they obtained in order to get food during the colder months, as most of the berry bushes and fruit trees had nothing on them during winter. They couldn't have too many belongings either, due to having to find different shelters so often, and too many belongings would make moving from place to place difficult.


As Trivvy sat down on the ground inside the shed, having made it back safely, and planning to eat the apple they brought back with them, they began to once again think about the conversation they had had with Mr. Unigma. It seemed like a normal conversation at first, but after they thought about it a few times, they couldn't help but think it just seemed odd.

As far as they knew, people rarely wanted to just do something for someone without wanting something in exchange. And when someone did want to help someone out for no reason, not expecting any payment, it was usually only for people they were close to, from what Trivvy had gathered from watching the townsfolk interact. Unigma had just met them, yet offered to tutor them for free. He had said he liked teaching children, and watching them learn new things, but for some reason, Trivvy couldn't help but find that reasoning odd.

Oh well, perhaps they were simply over thinking the conversation too much, and that's why it now seemed odd. Finishing their apple, and opting to lay the core to the side inside the shed instead of going out in the cold to throw it away right then, Trivvy began getting ready to lay down and go to sleep.


A loud bang from somewhere outside the shed woke Trivvy up the next morning, making them sit up, looking around in panic. What was that noise? They realized they also heard voices from somewhere outside. Oh. The farmer must have came back, and brought their friends or family along with them.

Glancing out the window, they quickly put their shoes on, grabbing the apple core from last night in order to dispose of it. Though it was rude of Trivvy to just waltz into someone's shed, or barn, or wherever they happened to stumble upon that was currently empty, and make themselves comfortable, they had enough manners to at least clean up after themselves.

They waited until they were sure the farmer and whoever they had brought with them was not watching, and quickly dashed out of the shed. They were sure they would be yelled at and scolded if they were caught, and though they knew they probably deserved it, they didn't really have much of an option. It was either freeze to death, or take refuge in someone's building temporarily without them knowing, as most people would chase them off immediately due to their disheveled look.

Having successfully made it away from the shed and farmer's house without getting caught, Trivvy decided to begin the walk to town. They had quite awhile before they had to meet Mr. Unigma, as they had agreed to meet up around 3:30 PM, but they figured they could find someway to kill the time in town until then. Perhaps Amy and Roy would be back? The thought made them happy, as they had really enjoyed what little bit they watched of the duo's show yesterday.

As they made the trip back to town, Trivvy began thinking. What exactly were Amy and Roy's jobs, anyways? They had read a book once that had characters doing similar shenanigans, but they couldn't remember what the characters were called... Gowns? ...No, that certainly wasn't right. They were sure it was a similar word, though... Oh, clowns! The characters were called clowns! So that's what Amy and Roy were!

If Amy and Roy performed at the town square again today, would they do similar things to what the clowns Trivvy had read about did? They remembered the characters in the book doing all sorts of fancy tricks, cartwheels like what Roy had done yesterday, hand stands, back flips, and even made human pyramids and juggled things, along with all sorts of other interesting antics. Trivvy hoped so, they thought it would be a very fun show if that were the case, and they'd love to see it!


Arriving at town, Trivvy noticed a few flyers had been put up that were not there yesterday. Upon investigating, they realized flyers were advertising a show in the town square.
"At 11:30 AM, stop by the Rubith Town Square. A show one would surely not wish to miss shall be held. Tickets are not required, and any money made during the show will be donated to charity. Stop by to see amazing performers, including clowns, magicians, and even lion tamers!" Trivvy read.

That sounded quite interesting! Aside from still needing to find breakfast, they didn't have anything to do until meeting with Mr. Unigma later. Trivvy very quickly decided they would be investigating the show. Maybe Amy and Roy's performance yesterday was somehow related to this show? Either way, they decided they should hurry up and find something to eat. Though they were sure it wasn't time for the show yet, they didn't know what time it actually was currently, and they didn't want to miss the show!


"Erm, excuse me, coming through!" Trivvy spoke, trying to get past the crowd of people that had gathered in the town square. They were early, yet already there was a big crowd! When was the last time they had seen the square this full, anyways? ...Had the square ever even HAD this many people occupying it at once before?!

"Come one, come all! Welcome to the first ever annual Rubith Town Festival! In celebration of..." A man spoke loudly from the makeshift stage that had been set up yesterday. Oh. Trivvy thought they were early, looks like they were right on time instead. At least they wouldn't miss anything. They didn't hear what the man said the festival was in celebration of, but didn't particularly care. They were just here for the show. ...Maybe food too, if free food was available.

"We hope you all enjoy the grand festivities we have prepared for you today! Without further ado, may the festival begin!"

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