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Lost History: Trio Badge

by Lost Souls

Lost Souls After training up her Pokemon Alice is ready to take on the Striaton gym. The only thing she is worried about is how she will handle the battle?
"Ladies and Gentlemen! Today is the day that you all have been waiting for! This time we have Cress, Cilan and Chilli against trainer Alice!" A man called from the side of the arena. Each side will be allowed three pokemon total. The side to knocks out all three components will be the winner!"
Taking a deep breath I walked onto the stage, grabbing Rider, Shell and Feyu's balls.
"Shell, Feyu, Rider.Tenez-vous prêt." I called, chuckling at the woot of excitement from the crow, followed by awed silence.
"Ah, tu parles aussi français. C'est très impressionnant." Cilan called with a smirk. "Pansage, Bullet Seed!"
"Ember!" Chilli added with a light chuckle.
"Water gun!"
'This is what we have been training for. Bite, Leech Seed and Water Gun!' I ordered, slowing the glow to surround the pokemon. I was not allowed to have any weaknesses during a major battle, the Red Man had taught me that much. I had to remember my training, I had to see everything.
Smirking I watched as the entire arena became clear. I could see every crack, every rock and every person. I could sense every pokemon in every ball and could see the movement of the six on the field.
"Shell! Be a dear and counter that flamethrower head-on with a Water gun. Keep it even, I want some coverage." I whispered, smirking as Shell nodded. As the two attacks coloured I slipped into the ground. These were ditch people, fancy balls. I wanted to give N an apology gift for disrupting a motion so, why not take it from them?
It didn't take me long to snack seven Pokemon - Snubbul, Primape, Yanma, Meowth, Poliwag, Caterpie, and Budew- as well as several TMs. As I reached the stand again I knew I had won the battle, even as it was still happening. Shell was glowing a bright light, and when it was gone he had evolved into Dewott.
'Razor shell, just like we practiced.' I nodded walking past placing a hand on his back, clicking the TM on his back. 'Then try using that.' By the time the most faded the deed was done. I had melted the TM using Pansear's flamethrower. I didn't need any evidence of foul play.
Following orders the team attacked. Feyu blasted Panpour with Bullet Seed until it fainted, Rider took out Pansage with bite, and Shell took out Pansear with his new move, Scald.
A complete silence fell over the room as the three pokemon fainted. It was clear that there was suspicion but I didn't care. I was going to use the TM eventually, so why not test it out?
'That is not a habit you should find yourself with Child. You cheated your battle, took away their fair chance with a powerful move.' The Voice scolded disapproving.
"We will not call foul play, there is no solid reason to," Cress called. I had been careless, I could see the melted remains of the disk. Anyone in their right mind would have called me on it.
"Because we don't think it will happen again," Chilli added in a harsh whisper, glaring darkly as he walked up to me. "Walk."
Not wanting to upset the trio anymore I silently followed them, head down as everything washed over me. I had botched my cover, and they knew it. I had risked everything over a move that I could have taught him later. A move that wasn't even mine, and now they were going to discover everything.
"What were you thinking?" Cilan demanded as we reached a large clearing. We had been in the forest for some time, I was really on trouble. "I don't get it, why would you do that?"
"Because she's a thief Cilan, she's a cheater and a thief." Cress sighed heavily leaning against a tree. "But I don't think she knows any better. Something tells me that was how she was raised. That was a planned attack on a moments notice. Mining she ought it out the moment Chilli attacked."
My heart was racing as reality blinked in and out. Memories of Brendon, the betrayed look in his eyes. The hurt looks in Cilan's eyes, the way they both seemed to lose a piece of themselves.
"Stop it," I whispered dropping my gaze. "Stop. Stop it."
"Shut it, you don't get to." Chilli started, only to be cut off by a blast of bubbles from behind him.
"Stop looking me like that!" I shouted, collapsing to my knees as a small bunch of Azuril bounded up. They looked angry, and I knew exactly what was happening. I had called for help, and they had come to do just that. "You want a fair fight? Do you want to fight the real me? Fine! Just stop looking at me like that!"
As the Azuril charged forward, the three brothers nodded.
"We are proud to present to you the Trio badge, please use it smartly," Cress whispered holding his hand up to relax the Azuril.
"Please, get some help. I don't want you to get in trouble." Cilan added walking cautiously up to me. I could feel my body trembling as black overtook my vision.
It wasn't long before I blacked out.