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by Astralpunk

Made this during my spare time.
Too lazy to put color.
Also, meet Yuki the Froslass.
  1. Princess Lilia (Lilly)
    Princess Lilia (Lilly)
    This would totally happen to 3 of my Ocs including someone elses XD
    Josh and Mint and
    Primrose and Spyre (Spyre belongs to @StarBlitz)
    May 21, 2017
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  2. The Snom Prince
    The Snom Prince
    It's such a funny comic I wish I could re-create it with my own characters XD seriously I love it
    May 21, 2017
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  3. Twilight Nova
    Twilight Nova
    I ship it way too hard

    What did he find???
    Apr 4, 2017
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  4. Tamazarokon
    ;o; lol get Rekt and Triggered Michi
    Jan 7, 2017
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  5. Phantom Knight
    Phantom Knight
    ouch that's gonna hurt
    Jan 1, 2017
  6. Jhan Garc
    Jhan Garc
    tfw When you have a Froslass named Yuuki...
    Dec 31, 2016
  7. Alex The Hydreigon
    Alex The Hydreigon
    XD beautiful
    Dec 23, 2016
  8. Sunlight Isekai Overdrive
    Sunlight Isekai Overdrive
    Noctis*One Piece*: Damn, Someone has Young love, First a Zangoose and Audino now a Froslass and a Infernape, What next? a Trubbish and Skitty? *looks on the internet* FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUY
    Dec 23, 2016
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  9. Steven quarts universe
    Dec 20, 2016
  10. KoishiTheRockruff
    Well, this comment thread got a bit heated now, didn't it?
    Keoni: ... I find this... Hilarious.
    Dec 18, 2016
  11. Teapot
    @Peyton the Riolu What Acel said. Please move on from this comment thread now - you've said what you want to say.
    Dec 17, 2016
  12. ✰MJ✰
    -_- such drama
    Dec 17, 2016
  13. Astralpunk
    @Peyton the Riolu I don't really know why you're getting so worked up about this. These are just characters I made up, and I can pretty much do whatever I want with them. It's not like this is a game or something. Also, you really should avoid using the word 'retard', even if you're just referring to Pokémon.
    Dec 17, 2016
  14. Peyton the Riolu
    Peyton the Riolu
    @Teapot if the pokemon dont have sexualities then explain how there isnt a single pokemon who can use attract on the same gender and it work. it will never work like that only the opposite gender because unlike certain humans, pokemon arent retarded!
    Dec 17, 2016
  15. That Clefairy
    That Clefairy
    Hey! Isn't Yuki Japanese for snow?

    Also, shipping intensifies
    Dec 16, 2016
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  16. Teapot
    @Peyton the Riolu You know the games are... games, right? Pokémon don't have sexualities in the games per se – and even if they did, what we do in fiction isn't constrained by that. Our characters and creations can be any sexuality or gender we want, because there's no reason that our creations can't reflect the whole spectrum of the human condition.
    Dec 16, 2016
  17. Peyton the Riolu
    Peyton the Riolu
    @Acel yes homophobic means afraid of or against homosexuals and when ken tried being gay toward michi ken screamed "i hate u and we are not a couple" and looked like he was trying to hit him. and i say since they are pokemon they should be straight because it is literally impossible for a pokemon to not be straight in the game. either they are straight or they have oblivious so they dont love anyone
    Dec 16, 2016
  18. ||Vengeance||
    * Slaps Kenta *
    Dec 16, 2016
  19. ||Vengeance||
    I officially HATE that saggy frosslass. She should just go melt. Like Michi's heart did when he saw this.
    Dec 16, 2016
  20. Astralpunk
    @Peyton the Riolu Um, you do know what Homophobic means, right? And whether Kenta is bisexual is still up for debate.
    Dec 16, 2016
  21. Cloudswift
    Jim: Hehe...I may or may not have a new ship...
    Zoe: Yuki, get in the pit. Now. And die.
    Dec 16, 2016
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  22. Peyton the Riolu
    Peyton the Riolu
    @Acel hold on u say ken is bisexual and michi is homophobic? im ok w/ michi being homophobic (cuz i am) but is ken seriously bi?
    Dec 16, 2016
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  23. Grand Master Koop
    Grand Master Koop
    love triangle galore
    Dec 15, 2016
  24. Swaggering Kid
    Swaggering Kid
    New OC?!
    Dec 14, 2016
  25. Sasha the Eevee Master
    Sasha the Eevee Master
    I names my Froslass that!!!!!
    Dec 14, 2016
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  26. BooBerry
    Kat: Don't go near Kenta you froslass, 'cause if you do, Michi will soon kick your a-
    Scar: Shut it! We need to see what's next!
    Kat: You idiot! That's the end of the comic!
    Citrus: I ship it OvO I'm not sorry!!!
    Dec 14, 2016
  27. Curtkid
    Now the question is: Is Michi hot-blooded enough to try punching her?
    Dec 14, 2016
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  28. Astralpunk
    Dec 14, 2016
    Michi's got a 2nd rival now. :D
    Dec 14, 2016
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  30. Ariados twice
    Ariados twice
    Umbra: That Froslass better not interfere with my ship.
    Tai: 11 more days (here) til we get our new Pokesona. I hope she doesn't turn out to be as ship crazy as Umbra. I'd like a semi-sane member, other than me, I mean.
    Prior:*Yelling* What do you mean sane?
    Mona: :@
    Dec 14, 2016
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  31. Mimikyutheone
    What have you done?!
    Shipping wars will begin!!
    Dec 14, 2016
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  32. ShadowMMOS2005
    Bon-Bon:It's ok Michi i lost a future bf to my friend Snickers the Delcatty...
    Snicker:Yeah i'm sorry bout that but ye didn't know ye liked Razor yah.
    Razor:Snickers! There you are!
    Snicker:see yah Good luck Michi! Oh and here for Michi's Sake. 'Uses Grass knot on Yuki and slaps her'
    Bon-Bon:We are getting off topic just If you need advice ask me,Snickers or my old friend Luna.
    Dec 14, 2016
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  33. poimagic
    Kori: Wait, is the Mienshao a girl?
    Matt: I'm confused.
    Dec 14, 2016
  34. Peyton the Riolu
    Peyton the Riolu
    wait so michi is a girl? or is ken a girl and is secretly lesbian? not to be rude at all, but can u make it more clear which one is a guy and which is a girl?
    Dec 13, 2016
  35. Andrewski
    Oh. No. She. Di-int.
    Dec 13, 2016
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  36. Flame the Trainer
    Flame the Trainer
    OMG Awesome!
    Flame: "Sweet!"
    Chrome: "Nice"
    Mal: "I hate it when people take other people for romance."
    Flame: "Would You shut it."
    Dec 13, 2016
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  37. Random boi
    Random boi

    Zenith:now the shipping wars start
    Dec 13, 2016
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  38. BurningFletchinder
    Bando:Heh nice!
    Sneaker:nuuu i shipped kenta and michi ;_;
    Dec 13, 2016
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  39. BurningFletchinder
    i got some names for the pokemon in my names so up here is bando the fletchinder and sneaker the pikachu ^
    Dec 13, 2016
  40. Palusokudo
    Dec 13, 2016
  41. ekatsu
    This is awesome YAS
    Dec 13, 2016
  42. Coliboom

    Matt: Well, at least I have Pickles.

    Pickles: *nowhere to be found*

    Matt: Oh yeah. I lost Pickles. Probably should go looking for him soon...
    Dec 13, 2016