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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Tree City Battle (Flying Gym)

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel and Melanie finally gave themselves their first kiss, but their journey is far from over, especially now since their next gym battle is up ahead.
I woke up early enough to go outside and train. I found a Helioptile and caught it. I went off to the gym only to find out that all my friends already battle and won the badge off of the gym leader. "I'm late" I said. "Again" Sasha said. "Yeah, better go in and challenge him" I said. "Her" Mark stated. "Yeah whatever" I said entering. "I'm Winona, the gym leader of Tree City. I have become one with birds and have soared the skies, you wanna challenge me, beware of my power" she said. "I'm Uriel, please to accept your offer and challenge you to a battle" I said. "GO Swellow, GO Helioptile. Aerial Ace, Spark. Helioptile manages to move faster and take down Swellow. GO Pelipper use Water Pulse, use SPARK. Helioptile again manages to move faster and takes down Pelipper as well. GO Skarmory use Steel Wing, SPARK. Helioptile manages to move faster but Skarmory avoids spark and hits Steel Wing, which makes Helioptile faint. GO Monferno, use Flame Charge. Monferno takes the lead and beats down Skarmory.
GO Altaria, take the stage" Winona said. Altaria use Dragon Breath, Monferno dodge it. Altaria attacks, but Monferno manages to dodge. Altaria keep it up, Monferno you too. Altaria kept using Dragon Breath and Monferno kept dodging it. NOW, MONFERNO USE THUNDER PUNCH. Monferno moves with ease and knocks out Altaria. "Guess you beat me" Winona said. "Guess I did" I said. she handed me the badge. " I have never seen a Trainer that commands Pokémon with more grace than I" she said. "Well, bye" I said. I left on to follow my journey to the next gym at Lil City for the next badge...

(NOTE: Flannery and Winona are the only two gym leaders to stay at their own gym without changing a thing. Examples most gyms were either placed in another city or the gym leader retired and a new one came in. Either way, Flannery and Winona always stayed in their cities, and their gyms...)