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Transformers:More than meets the eye: Transformers:A new beginning

by Rotorstorm Wrecker

Rotorstorm Wrecker Megatron,a cybertronian that sees Cybertron differently turns on our leader Zeta Prime,he gathers a team of bots known as the decepticons,right now he's looking for a substance that grants power,dark energon.
Riot runs up to his leader Megatron "Megatron I have spotted the dark energon container,but we have one problem it's being guarded by autobot scouts." Riot showed Megatron the many autobots guarding it,"Well Riot there is only one option,as my very own scouts you and Breakdown shall infiltrate the area and destroy the autobot soldiers,and make sure to signal me when you are finished."Megatron demanded.Riot and Breakdown then transformed and raced down to the autobots.
"Lets go Riot these guys will be scrap when we're done with 'em."Breakdown stated while being very cocky.
  1. Rotorstorm Wrecker
    Rotorstorm Wrecker
    Sorry if it's bad guys my first one
    May 21, 2017