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Journeys: Training

by DartrixTheIntrovert

DartrixTheIntrovert Hunter is training his bouffalant.
"Bouffalant!" I scream. "Stop there!" Splash, splash. On Bouffalant I ride towards the edge. The edge of the falls. But Bouffalant keeps the momentum. The momentum of speed. The momentum of power. But,the momentum of smarts. he turns sideways at the edge. The edge of the falls. His feet plant themselves at the bottom of the river. He stops at the falls. Out he lets; a huge roar of power. Saying, "This is real hard, but I don't give a crap." "Hey!" a voice yells. "I look and a boy of maybe 16, is standing in the calm part of the river. He's wearing a green scarf, black hair. Clearly a rustic trainer. "Your a gym leader right." he says. "Yes." I say. "Well, I want to fight."