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Trainer history: Trainer history part eight

by Sayaka

Sayaka Katia and Ricky
Katia and Ricky are the type of people that you can't mention one without the other.

Katia met Ricky when they were just kids and, used to pick on her about her name...
Ricky in turn pointed it out that it was stupid to pick on someone for something they had no control over. Katia got mad and, stormed off. Katia was soon picked on as well for her love of feline like Pokemon. When the neighbor kids were beating Katia up Ricky stepped in and defended her. Katia was shocked that she helped her. When Katia had to move she told Ricky... "You better come find me... Cause then I'll be strong just like you!" Ricky in turn promised to find Katia in order to have a friendly battle. Even though they promised that long ago when just kids neither forgot and, both strive to keep that promise. The two friends are a big topic in almost every area they've been to.