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Trainer Def - Lineart

by Defaeco

You are challenged by Trainer Def!
Sketched this out and did the line-art by hand with a fine liner.
While I can sketch and do line-art digitally, I always like to carry a sketchbook around and wanted to learn how to scan and clean up the ones I really like and want to digitally colour.
So finally after some digging around for tips online, I managed to turn my super pencil-smudged drawing in to clean lines for colouring in Photoshop.

I will upload a coloured version asap!

I shared the line-art in case anyone would like to use it for fun or practise.
Only conditions is not to claim the line-art as yours or remove my signature.
Otherwise, go nuts!

Also if anyone does take a crack at colouring it, I'd love to see it ♥

And here's a link to the tutorial I found best on learning how to quickly clean-up scanned lines:
Tutorial - Cleaning Lineart by Kuro95
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