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Fakèmon creations: Toxic Suicune

by Anime Psyclone

Anime Psyclone Suicune normally purifies water by running on it, but for some reason, Suicune as undergone a dramatic change. It's feet always leave a poison puddle where they touch, and when it makes contact with water, it is poisoned and excretes an extremely bad smell that can kill plant life near it.
Type: Poison
Ability:Toxic Rage: Poison-Type attacks never miss and cause Bad Poison.(It only affects damaging moves, the poison wears off after 7 turns.)
Signature Move: Toxic Swamp: Type: Poison, Accuracy: 100%, Power: 150, Category:Special
The user floods the battlefield with toxic water. The lower the user's HP, the less powerful this attack becomes. (Poison type Eruption)

I thought a version of Suicune that poisons water instead of purifying it would be really cool. Because of Suicune's complexity, it's mainly a recolor, but there are differences. The ribbons are slightly tattered, the crystal horn is broken, and it's feet have a small poison puddle around it.
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  1. Anime Psyclone
    Anime Psyclone
    Quickie note: I'm not sure what happened to Suicune to change it into this. It might be an automatic process, happening normally for every Suicune. It might have to do with the water it purifies, maybe a mutation, come up with your own theories!
    Sep 24, 2016
  2. Anime Psyclone
    Anime Psyclone
    I had a problem where the Colon and the P were, it had a :p instead of what I was trying to go for.
    Sep 23, 2016