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Road of a Champion: Tough Training

by J62

J62 As the 3 candidates train, Serena and Bonnie talk about Serena's feelings toward Ash
Ash: okay pikachu, let's try that move combo we were working on before this all happened.
Pikachu: pika pi!( let's do this!)
Ash: Petrify your tail with iron tail than toss an electro ball up in the air then skewer it with your tail then slam it on that boulder!
As pikachu slams his tail on the boulder it crumbles to dust and sparks of electricity emanated from it.
(Meanwhile in the resort's hotel room...)
Serena: Hey Bonnie, can I tell you a secret?
Bonnie:Sure Serena! You can tell me anything as long as its age appropriate.
*Serena tries to laugh at her pathetic attempt at humor and manages to pull it off*
Serena:Okay, so you know how I always feel weird around ash but comfortable at the same time?
Bonnie: I know you like ash, its been so obvious for Clement and me, we just didn't want to get involved between you two, but ash is kinda oblivious to this type of stuff.
Serena: Whaat!?!! Nevermind, do you think you can help me talk to ash about this?
Bonnie: Sure! You're like a big sister to me! And I think you should talk to him after the battles so we can practice your approach.
*meanwhile at the battlegrounds, ash is battling a hotel guest known as Blake *
Ash:Okay Sceptile, leaf blade!
Sceptile: scep!(take this!)
Blake: Linoone, intercept with slash!
*the two attacks collide with an explosion of smoke as a result, as the smoke clears, two pokemon are limping but linoone fell down after a few seconds*
Ash: good job sceptile!
Blake: you did good linoone, I knew I would lose to a champion candidate but I gotta try.
The two talk for a bit and Blake walks off and ash heals up sceptile.( tell me what you think and comment your suggestions thnx!)