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Total Drama Pokemon Island Ep. 1 Introductions Pt. 2

by Will MacDonald

Will MacDonald 30 Pokemon have arrived at Pokemon Island, all with the chance to win 1,000,000 Poke. There will be friends, enemies, love, hate, alliances, and of course, drama!!! I'm your host, Slowbro, and this is, Total! Drama! Pokemon! Island!

Hope you guys enjoy! Part 3 coming soon.
Continued from before......

Munchlax- First of all, don't call me your darling. Secondly, I'll break your skinny yellow neck if you don't get off this instant!!! (raises fist to prove his point)
Pichu- You can keep talking. I know you love me.
Magmortar- That's it! (picks up both and uses arm to shoot them across the island. Camera shows them landing at the campfire with Pichu still attached to Munchlax.)
Slowbro- Thank you very much. Now, here comes Lapras with contestants 3-5!( This time Lapras has a Wurmple, Drifloon, and Misdreavus. They are all sitting and talking.)
Slowbro- Greetings to you all! Are you ready to start the season?
Misdreavus- Oh, I'm ready all right! Ready for some evil mischief! (evil laugh)
Wurmple- Count me in on that! (attempts an evil laugh but is slapped by one of the things on Misdreavus' head) Ow!
Drifloon- Ladies, please! Come now, let's get to the campsite and have a little fun, shall we? (he pickpockets Slowbro's cell phone as they start to walk/float away)
Slowbro- (is unaware of what Drifloon did) He's my favorite so far! Next!
(The next Lapras has a Skrelp and Dratini just sitting there along with a sleeping Larvitar)
Slowbro- Well where's the argument here? Dratini what's going on?
Dratini- Um..........hi?
Slowbro- Here's the quiet one. Skrelp how about you?
Skrelp- (shrugs head)
Slowbro- Here's the silent one. WAKE UP LARVITAR!!!!!!!
Larvitar- (gets up from dock and rubs eyes) huh? What happened? Soil! I must have fresh soil to satisfy my hunger!(runs off with the others following behind)
Slowbro- Boooooring! Here's the next brigade!
(Up next are a Cottonee and Porygon, deep in a heated argument)
Porygon- Me, Idiotic? You have the brain equivalent of a lv. 2 Rattata, which, by the way is also known as......
Cottonee- At least I didn't give kids seizures. Haven't you ever relaxed and thought of knowledge that is actually important to our kind?
Slowbro- Can you two please continue this heated debate later? You're taking my camera time! (they float off, giving each other the evil eye) Brilliant! What could happen next?
Sandshrew- I'll tell ya, pal(he has just arrived with a Horsea and Amaura) You better not get on my bad side. I don't have a good one, so basically just leave me alone, got it?( he walks away seething in anger)
Horsea Don't mind the rat, brother. He just needs a little time in a locked closet and some meditation sessions and he'll be good to go.
Amaura- Yes, dear Slowbro. You mustn't let Sandshrew take you away from doing what you love best, hosting reality competitions.
Slowbro- Thank you Amaura. Horsea go fall in a ditch. I'll see you two later. (they leave) Now what have we got in store? Who are the other contestants? What will they be like? And will Horsea take my advice literally? Find out the answers to these questions and more after the break on Total! Drama! Pokemon! Island!
  1. Will MacDonald
    Will MacDonald
    Thanks! I try!
    Jul 16, 2014
  2. leafyflareon
    This is very funny
    Jul 16, 2014
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  3. Will MacDonald
    Will MacDonald
    I forgot to put in the description I own nothing!
    Jul 13, 2014