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Weekly Storys: Tortured Entity's.

by PassIntoTheMeme

PassIntoTheMeme A story. It's a horror. I liek horror movies. I can't help myself. But I'm jumpy as hell! And it sucks. This story sucks also.
Timmy was walking home from school one day. It got oddly dark all of a sudden. It was three o'clock in the afternoon. He realised what was happening. It was a solar eclipse. Or so he thought... He noticed a light appear on the ground, he looked around to locate the cause. There was nothing that could Emmitt light. He was creeped out but kept walking. It started to get extremely cold. Then it started raining. Then there was thunder and lightning. Then. He woke up.
  1. PassIntoTheMeme
    The name has nothing to do with the story. I just came up with it and git bored doing a decent story half way through.
    Dec 24, 2016