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Non-Pokemon art: Toriel

by EtherealHaze

EtherealHaze I was originally going to upload this work with the non-Pokemon art dump I put up a few days ago, but didn't since I forgot to.
Anyway, I done this one about 3 months ago (so it's old-ish) and it took me around 2 and a half - to 3 hours to do. Like my Kaiju OC and Sylvester art in my non-Pokemon art dump, I done the line-art on paper and coloured it in on Sketchbook Pro.
I hope you like it!
  1. Noivernhunter34
    I love it!
    May 19, 2018
    PrincessPika likes this.
  2. GalacticSky
    This looks like MewTwo lmao
    Jan 20, 2017
  3. BLOO Muffin
    BLOO Muffin
    How beautiful she is. I see all beauty in old people.
    Jul 5, 2016
    PrincessPika likes this.
  4. CausticScarab
    Wow. That is good.
    Jun 28, 2016
    PrincessPika likes this.
  5. ExtinctGuisher
    She looks so old but great work!
    Jun 27, 2016