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Top weirdest things in Pokemon

by ExtinctGuisher

ExtinctGuisher Pokemon is great, right? But there's something in the Pokemon universe just feels... Wrong. So I'm here to talk about top weirdest things in Pokemon

Pokemon comes in many size and shape, I can understand that. But Exeggcute? It's just a bunch of eggs (or coconut) stand together. Anyway, there's a lot of Pokemon with great design but Exeggcute definitely are not one of those Pokemon

2.You live in a world where everyone is aggressive

In the world of Pokemon, If you have a Pokemon, you can't walk 10 steps without a battle. Everyone'll try to fight you and you can't run or deny the battle(Still wondering how Ash run away from the battle with Sabrina)

3.Professor Oak
Our professor, Oak, has travel with us for 4 Gen and he is one of the most familiar character. But, he's giving 10 years old kids monsters that is more dangerous than guns . He follows us everywhere. He can't remember his own grandson name. He can't even tell are you a boy or a girl!

4.Pokemon and their moves

Pokemon, they learn different kind of moves, but some learn moves they weren't able to learn and some can't learn moves that they supposed to be able to learn. Here is some example:
-Primeape with Iron Tail
-Ghastly with Fire/Ice/Shadow/Electric Punch
-Scyther can't learn Fly while Doduo and Dodrio can
-Rhydon/Rhyperior can learn Surf
-Rhyhorn can learn Tail Whip or Iron Tail
-Mantine with String Shot
-Dusknoir with Mega Kick

5.Gods of The World caught by 10 years old
When it talks about legendary, they're basicly god with power to change the world and then they got caught by some kids.It just doesn't feel right. The god get caught in a tiny ball and turn into data.

Anyway, plz like.
  1. CausticScarab
    Pikachu takes down a Mega Lucario and loses to a Surskit
    Jul 2, 2016
    NinjaWaterMaster likes this.
  2. Shiny mew 247
    Shiny mew 247
    He has a point:?;)
    Jul 2, 2016
  3. Red Satoshi Ketchum
    Red Satoshi Ketchum
    10 years old getting monsters that can destroy a whole a city............................................................................are you serious about that,that's a joke to Digimon and yugioh and again Ash vs Sabrina in the anime world isn't like the game world they don't follow the same rules(just how level's don't work the same in the anime ) and exeggcute agree but then again there could be a other Pokemon that could have taken that place
    Jul 2, 2016