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Top 5 of my worst Pokemon

by King Miles

King Miles Ok this is a new thing I'm doing and Its Top 10s and 5s so if you want to know what I think about it can be about Nintendo or Real life situations so anyways leave a comment on what you wanna know So without further a do Lets Begin Note: If these Pokemon are your favorite that's ok at least you have a favorite
Number 5: Amoonguss
Ok Let's start off by saying Amoongus can troll you in Pokemon Black,White and the others Also Amoonguss Is just plain looks like a Its An Expirement Gone Wrong and It's Only good stat is its HP the reason It's so high on the list is that at least it's moveset has some of my favorite Grass moves like Ingrain and Solar Beam

Number 4: Pikachu
Ok I'm gonna get so much hate from this but let me explain Why I hate this Pokemon Ok I Already Know That Pikachu's the main mascot but still it was bad in gen 1 for example almost every Pokemon you catch in the first gym is gonna die well except for the nidorans but still Pikachu is one my worst faves because it's just weak

Number 3: Parasect
So you know how you forget certain Pokemon like how I forgot about Cacnea and Cacturne well I forgot about this One so Parasect what makes him bad well 3 things to be exact, 1 it has not so good stats 2, It's move set is not the best and 3 It's Weak x4 to Fire and Flying So Charizards should win this no sweat

Number 2:Farfetch'd
Ok now if you like this Pokemon in a 1% Chance of that happening there is literally no way anyone likes this in the original games if you caught a spearow and haven't evolved it as yet you can trade it for a farfetch'd which you should never do.

And Number 1: The Chikorita Line
Yep you heard me this one is my worst one ever first of all I'm not a fan of their designs or moveset but let's get the one reason why I hate The Chikorita line They Can All Die In A Gym Battle In Johto For example: First gym is flying, It will fail, 2nd is Bug,It will fail, Normal, Ok we all know Whitney Is Basically The Torturer of the Pokemon world which can make all starters die, Ghost, Morty uses The Gastly line and their part poison so you should know, Chuck ok just cause he uses Poliwrath doesn't mean you can sweep his team, Jasmine, Steel resists Grass, Pryce, Gonna Freeze Meganium and Clair resists all the starters and That's The Worst Pokwmon List, In My Opinion