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Top 5 Needed Sun and Moon Pokemon

by blue23 guyman

blue23 guyman Bong Bong
5. Dolphin
A dolphin pokemon has been wanted for a long time, and Gorebyss is an eel-thing. Now since the newest region is based on Hawaii, we got hope. So for a dolphin pokemon, some likely types would be water/fairy or water/normal.
4. Tiki
This is very likely to happen, Hawaii has them everywhere, so this would be cool. A very likely (and wanted) typing would be grass/fire. This pokemon could be so cool of it turned into a flaming warrior of the jungle.
3. Snowman
It's that simple, make it an ice type that evolves through trading it with a snowball. Now when it evolves, it gains a giant rocket arm that shoots snowballs, that would be epic.
2. Flamingo
This could an interesting pokemon to add to the games. Some cool typings would be normal/flying, water/flying, or even fairy/flying. I also want the females to have a duller color scheme from the males, like in real life.
1. Gargoyle
This would be epic, gargoyles have so much potential. The pokemon could be a giant ghost/rock, rock/dragon pokemon. I just really wanna gargoyle pokemon.

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