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Top 10 Pokemon that I love

by 33v33_lover

33v33_lover Top 1-10. From Dog things to Dragons
1. Eevee: I like Eevee because it is really cute and it evolves into several forms.

2. Quagsire: I like Quagsire because it is blue and purple (which are my favourite colours) and it is water and ground type.

3. Salamence: I like Salamence because it is a beautiful dragon which I think has really strong moves.

4. Tropius: I like Tropius because it is huge, it flys and I like the shape of it. Even though I have never owned one before, it still is beautiful.

5. Luxray: I like Luxray because it is a electric type and it looks like a fierce dog thing.

6. Staraptor: I like Staraptor because it flys. Also because of its star on its head.

7. Ivysaur: I like Ivysaur because its name is really nice (I actually named my Roserade Ivy!) and it has a beautiful flower/ bud on its back.

8. Gyrados: I like Gyrados because it is a sea-snake thing and it can Mega Evolve.

9. Chikorita: I like Chikorita only because of its name. I seem to like its name alot and always sing the name!

10. Bayleef: I like Bayleef because it is the evolved form of Chikorita and is also the name of my favourite leaf the 'Bayleaf'!

Those Pokémon are my top 10 favourite Pokémon. They are weird ones but I love them all.
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  1. King Miles
    King Miles
    Quagsire is so Derpy That I Could Call Him Derpmis Like Derp Ya Missed
    Apr 4, 2016
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