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Top 10 Pokemon Battles

by ProtoMegaMan

ProtoMegaMan Top 10 Pokemon battles of them all!
Proto: Pokemon battles. They are the main source into the main game. Letting your Pokemon get experience makes them stronger and evolve.
MegaMan: But Proto, Pokemans has been around since 1998.
Proto: Yes, for North America apparently. Pocket Monsters debuted in early 1996, so don't crap me.
MegaMan: How does Nintendo keep up on Pokemon?
Proto: In the first games, there were 151 Pokemon. DANG! Even appearing upon it now, that's a crap ton of little destructive monsters! Now how many Pokemon? 721!?! Oh my gosh, How does GameFreak even keep up with this?!
MegaMan: Because they're rich and have $1000 in their pool?
Proto: Really?
10: Red (G/S/C, HG/SS, B2/W2)
MegaMan: Ok, so Red is basically you from the first games. Red doesn't talk, just mindless thoughts in his head
Proto: Now for his team, a Level 88 Pikachu.
MegaMan: So you're gonna tell me that a Pokemon master has a Level 88 Pikachu?! How did this thing even get passed Agatha?!
Proto: Yes. His Pikachu is somehow overpowered because Thunder, Volt Tackle, Charm, and Iron Tail. If you have Rhyperior, or Tyranitar, then you're doomed unless the Iron Tail misses. Then it's a Lapras, a Snorlax, Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise.
MegaMan: Having all 3 starters, Red's gonna literally wreck your team! But Pokemon Master? tooshay!
9: Cynthia (D/P/PL, B/W, B2/W2)
Proto: Ok, so people who struggled like MegaPunk over here basically needs good Pokemon! Cynthia has a HARDCORE Team! With Garchomp, Lucario, Togekiss, and Milotic, I literally struggled a little bit, until My Infernape used Thunder Punch on Togekiss and Milotic, Fire Punch on Lucario, Close Combat and Flare Blitz on her Garchomp?! She got defeated! My Team was Infernape, Staraptor, Bronzong, Garchomp, Lucario, and Pachirisu, she got destroyed!
MegaMan: Yes, I did struggle alot becauce that Garchomp is OP! I literally used 3 Frenzy Plants to beat her Garchomp!
Proto: Man, Your Torterra really sucks.
8: Blue (R/B/Y, FR/LG, HG/SS, G/S/C, B/W, B2/W2)
Proto: Blue is Red's Rival, that's always being cocky over dumb stuff. I hated Blue for a while, until G/S/C and HG/SS that he is a defeated champion that FINALLY learns to respect other citizens.
Proto: But the only reason why Blue is on this list because his team is freaking retarded.
7: Steven (R/S/E, B2/W2, OR/AS)
MegaMan: Steven is Hardcore. He basically uses Steel, Rock, and Ground Types, which is easy to beat because you find Ground types and Fighting types easily around Hoenn.
Proto: In R/S/E, Steven has an easy challenge because We can already have overleveled Pokemon. In OR/AS, well you're screwed because Mega Metagross will destroy you.
6: Alder (B/W, B2/W2)
Proto: Well, the oldest man to ever be a Pokemon Champion. Alder's Signature Pokemon is a Volcarona. Which is easy to beat anyway.
MegaMan: You'll need some Furious Fists, because he's gonna own ya!
Proto: I remember 4 years ago, My Samurott used Hydro Cannon and 1 shotted Alder's Volcarona.
MegaMan: Speaking of Witches...
5: Iris (B2/W2)
Proto: The Dragon Girl and the 2nd Dragon type champion! Iris! Iris's Haxorus is basically like a Bundle of Swords because man, Haxorus is Good!
MegaMan: Why Iris actually uses Dragon types.
4: Diantha (X/Y)
MegaMan: The Almighty Diantha! Diantha is basically like Greninja with Speed Boost!
Proto: Diantha used Hawlucha first, who sucked in the first place. Next, I think is Tyrantrum, then Aurarus (correct me if I spelled it wrong) Gourgeist (again correct me if i'm wrong) and then Her Final Pokemon, Gardevoir, then Mega Gardevoir, then Greninja Sweep.
MegaMan: Congratulations Diantha, for being questionable in the first place!
3: Wallace (R/S/E, B2/W2, OR/AS)
Proto: So Wallace is a fashion designer, plus a Water Gym Leader, and a Champion. Too many things at once. When you battle Wallace, you're generation is doomed because if you don't have an Electric or Grass type, Wallace is gonna sweep you like a Broom.
2: Silver (G/S/C, HG/SS)
MegaMan: The Most Baddest trainer of them all, Silver takes the award for meanest trainer in Johto! I have nothing to really say about him, because he's mean.
#1: Lance (G/S/C, HG/SS)\
MegaMan: So Lance is Number 1 because He's a Dragon Trainer!
Proto: No offense to Iris, but Lance is the most Badass champion of all time! He doesn't really need dragon types because his Pokemon are freaking Awesome and too cool for Iris! Get outta here, Iris, We got Swag up in the Building!