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Top 10 most weakest pokemon

by Manny-pokefan

Manny-pokefan Another one and another one
10# magikarp

Caterpie and Weedle aren't too bad because they evolve quickly. But you have to get Magikarp up to a pretty good level before it finally evolves into the wonderfully powerful Gyrados. And I'd like to see you TRY to beat any Pokemon with Magikarp. Considering Magikarp only knows Splash and (if you're lucky) Tackle, it'll be a pretty tough fight.

#9 unown

Unown only has 1 move: Hidden Power which is a move that any Pokemon can learn by HM. Also this Pokemon takes up the most Pokemon cards for a single Pokemon and its stats are incredibly low. Useless and Weak Pokemon.


Try actually using Charizard competitively with ACTUAL STRATEGY and watch yourself fail. Don't be fooled just because the show tried to make Charizard all badass. He really isn't. It's like getting a giant car - you look pretty cool on the outside, but you're really just compensating for something really really pathetic.

Also, rocks.
Sorry if it's your fave


The lowest base stat of any Pokemon, sure Magikarp is bad, but it can still learn tackle and flail, even a Magikarp knowing these moves could destroy a sunkern


Its cute and I like it in mystery dungeon but its really weak unless it evolves into butterfree and metapod is weaker and weaker.


All it knows is harden until it evolves that will take FOREVER since harden does no damage and it can barely learn anything good. Maybe I don't like it because it's a cocoon? I don't really like cocoons but I sorta like the shape that's all I like on metapod


For me, Luvdisc is the weakest because it can't even evolve to get stronger. At least with a Magikarp you know it evolves into a beast later to make up for the previous 20 levels.


Weedle learns the worst moves ever mine fainted before even using a dang move against a lower level Pokemon...


Hey, you know what? I caught a feebas and train it at the pkm contests, so it can evolves into a badass milotic-a very, very strong water type. It helps my them a lot, worth for my training ;-P


I won't lie Dustox was the dominator in my team for a while, but, Wurmple will get one-shotted unless you switch out.

Okay bye guys hope you guys like comment and put a weak pokemon I missed.
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  1. Skippidypowpow
    I also have a problem with Charizard.
    Fly. Sunny Day or Toxic. Roost or Solar Beam. And, Flamethrower.

    Fly can help you evade attacks for a turn, so Rock Types won't land their sweeping Stone Edge or Rock Blast. A good technique would not be to add a Power Herb if your Charizard is facing a faster Pokémon like Greninja. Their attack will go first and you can dodge while Charizard comes back for Fly, avoiding 2 turns of damage.
    Sunny Day makes a drought in the area, and unless you have Kyogre, this move makes sure of no Water Type attacks will be harmful against it.
    Toxic is for Water, Rock and Electric Types if you have a Mega Charizard Y. Their HP will slowly be drained, and a good partner for this is a defensive Leech Seeder so they can get all of the other team poisoned then to prepare the Leech Seed damage when they come in.
    Roost can help with healing and acts as a Recover, and a good pair would be a Sitrus Berry or a partner with Heal Pulse.
    Solar Beam is for Sunny Day or Charizard Y. This 120 base attack usually takes two turns, but you can spam that move and use a Fly here and there to get some real damage in.
    While Fire Blast has more power, Flamethrower's more reliable with a Sunny Day or a Mega Charizard Y setup. It has 100 accuracy, and while Fire Blast maybe over 130 at this point, it almost never hits, despite the decent accuracy it has.

    So yeah, while there are other good Charizard attacks, your argument has been ripped apart and Charizard is still competitively viable.
    Sep 10, 2017
  2. ~Patriot~
    I have a problem with the Charizard. If you use it's Y Mega and pair it with a Chlorophyll Pokemon like Venusaur then you could run through teams with Solar Beam on both Pokemon. Normal Charizard can learn Roost to heal stealth rock damage. your argument has been sufficiently picked apart.
    Apr 7, 2017
  3. Manny-pokefan
    @Mr Fishykarp well magikarp not
    The most weakest but he is kinda weak but evolves op.
    Apr 5, 2017
  4. Mr Fishykarp
    Mr Fishykarp
    HOW COULD YOU!??!?!?!?!?!!
    Apr 5, 2017