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Top 10 Best Shiny Pokemon

by Kawaii Unicorn

Kawaii Unicorn A new series!
10. Umbreon: While some people would be like: "Oh shiny umbreon is so cool and mysterious." I disagree. Sure it has a cool design, and is good enough to make it on this top 10, but not good enough to make it higher than 10.

9. Celebi: It's pink people, get it right!

8. Gardvoir: I'm talking about her mega, the regular version makes it look like she has a dress made of her own FLESH! The shiny version makes her look graceful and angelic, making her a great part of any team.

7. Metagross: A girl like me just doesn't feel the rusty blue color of a regular metagross, but now we get a shining silver metagross in all his glory! You can see why I put Metagross on here.

6. Ninetales: When I see a shiny ninetales, the name Wisp flows through my mind, the silver complection and blue glow is enough to warm my heart, a fairly good shiny in my view.

5. Vaporeon: Think, if you had a mermaid OC and you wanted to give her a Pokemon, what Pokemon? ANSWER: Shiny Vaporeon!!!!!!!

4. Buneary: What gift do you give your girlfriend on valentines day? SHINY BUNEARY! The sweet combo of light brown and pink is the perfect thing to warm anyone's valentines day.

3. Mew: Ok people, a blue mew, what more to I have to say?

2. Zorua: I love the addition of the blue and the beautiful coloring, just MWAH!

And now my #1 Shiny of all time.........................

1. Shiny Eevee: A sweet silver combo that stands out to me in front of regular eevee, makes me laugh and warms my heart. Dove happens to be a shiny eevee and she is the best Pokemon a girl could have! I have a soft spot for shiny eevees because they work so hard to find prey and such even though their light silver pelt attracts predators. I just love them!