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Top 10 Best Fictional Characters EVER!

by Rovenz

Rovenz Remember, this is my opinion, so respect it.
Hi guys! This is another top 10 list I am doing and this is top 10 BEST fictional characters EVER!
WARNING: This is my opinion, so respect it or be shot down. Thank you.
10. Ike
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.

Okay, good, we like Ike, but Ike comes from one of the BEST GAMES MADE BY NINTENDO, but it's not for kids... (Poor kids) Even though, Ike is a whole new thing. He was SO STRONG in SSBB (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) and he is MORE STRONG in SSB4! (Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and WIi U) I also have an image of him.

9. Cloud Strife
Final Fantasy VII

If you guys remember, Cloud join Smash 4, even though Sakurai said it wasn't possible, but he made it happen. Cloud Strife is a swordsman who holds a sword called the "Buster Sword" and comes from the newly remade (not newly though) game, Final Fantasy VII. He is a FRICKING AWESOME character, and he fits with the franchise. If you don't know him, this is what he looks like.

8. Manectric
Pokemon Ruby

Pokemon Sapphire
Pokemon Emerald
Pokemon X/Y (Mega Evolution)

??? You never thought THIS Pokemon will end up on this list? Well he did, so too bad. THIS Pokemon, to me, is known as "The Flash" of course, The Flash in Pokemon version, because Manectric is DAMN FAST! Like, imagine if you were at school, and your house was 1km away (that's kinda long). Manectric would get there in 10 SECONDS! Literally. Don't know who Manectric is? Well, I admit it, he is kinda less known.

7. Galacta Knight
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