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Follower of the week: TooBlue12

by Alex The Hydreigon

Alex The Hydreigon Eyyy! Follower of the week is *insert trumpet noises here* is @TooBlue12 !!!! I'm so sorry I delayed last week, so much was going on, so I had to skip a week. Not my best art of the day, I was tired, so I tried, but I didn't ^^'''

SO- I'm sorry that it's...a day {or a few hours late} but I hope you enjoy it.
Have a marvelous day, my fellow Hydreigon!!~♥
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  1. TooBlue12
    :D Cool I got picked to be one o the followers of the week, thanks, and I think you did great on the picture, but do make sure you are taking care of yourself. If you are tired get some sleep, make sure you are eating and drinking enough okay?
    Dec 7, 2017
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