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Contest Entries: Too Big Winter

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer This is for round 1 of @GalacticBunny's contest. Basically its a dude who has snow clothes on of which is too many or could be they are too big, you decide. I forgot the gloves, yes i know, i didnt feel like fixing that. The white dots are snowflakes, the blue background is sky and the white background is the snow covered ground, thats it.
  1. Flame the Trainer
    Flame the Trainer
    @GalacticBunny i had too much fun making this, and it looks a bit different then my past artwork is because i got the full version of my app i use.
    Feb 5, 2017
  2. ScribbleSplash
    Nice job! The results will be in when everyone has entered.
    Feb 5, 2017
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