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Tomski's Pokemon Journey: Tomski's Hunt For Pokemon

by Tomski

Tomski Tomski Captures His First Pokemon As A New Trainer? Part 2 Of 'Tomski's Pokemon Journey
Tomski was walking through some tall grass near a lake. He had got his first Pokemon from the lab and he was feeling happy about it. Suddenly a Jigglypuff appeared. Tomski was buzzing. If he caught this he would have registered his first captured Pokemon into the Pokedex. He got Charmander to knock Jigglypuff's combat power (CP) down. Unfortunately Charmander was too strong for the Jigglypuff. It knocked out Jigglypuff meaning Tomski couldn't capture it. This didn't bring Tomski's feelings down. He went and bought a fishing rod and went fishing. He found a Magikarp and managed to capture that as his first captured Pokemon. He also caught on the lake shore a Squirtle. He was quite happy about this as Squirtle was one of the starter Pokemon he could have chose. He then caught an Eevee, Pidgey and a Rattata on the pavement just outside of the long grass. With this in his head he was confident of destroying the normal type gym leader. But will he do it? Found out in part 3.
  1. Tomski
    Part 2 complete! #feeling awesome >_<
    Dec 14, 2016