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Tomski's Pokemon Journey: Tomski And His Starter Pokemon

by Tomski

Tomski Tomski Goes Off To Professor Birch To Get His First Pokemon
Tomski awoke on a sunny Saturday morning. He got out of bed, got dressed and had breakfast. After getting himself all organized he went to Professor Birch's Pokemon lab. He knew that the professor would either give him a choice of 3 Pokemon. He'd already decided on Charmander. Once he arrived at the lab, Professor Birch welcomed him and gave Tomski his choice of Pokemon. Once Tomski had picked Professor Birch gave him all the Pokeballs, Great Balls, Ultra Balls and of course the rarest Pokeball, the Master Ball. After that Tomski thanked the professor and left to go on his Pokemon journey, defeat gym leaders and become the greatest Pokemon trainer ever. But what will happen? Who will he meet? And most importantly will he be defeated on his mission to become the greatest Pokemon trainer ever? Find out in story 2.
  1. Tomski
    This story was so fun to write. Amazeballs!
    Dec 14, 2016