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Tohjo Adventures: Tohjo Falls

by Sylve Kipper

Sylve Kipper Electric water. Rock destroying buildings. When Psychics and Fire Breathers team destruction comes.
Electricity everywhere no where to swim no where to go.
Gold- Hurry Sylve!
Sylve- Hurrying hurrying!!
Gold- MARIL?!?!
~Coughs are heard in the other room~
Sylve- Maril?!?!
~An Elder steps out~
Elder- Help! Maril she's trapped!
Gold- Oh no! Come on Sylve!
Maril- Sylve, Gold help me.
~Gold and Sylve pull with all their strength and free Maril~
Maril- *Cough cough* Thank *Cough* you.
Elder- Hurry we need to get out.
?????- Wait Is Maril, Gold, and Silver in here?
Sylve- Yeah we are!
~Bloody screams can be heard outside with electricity shocking something~
Prof. E- Hello I found you because today you get your starters.
Gold, Maril, and Sylve- REALLY!
Elder- Quiet down or they'll find us.
Gold- Sorry.
Prof. E- So choose either Totodile, Chikorita, or Cyndaquil?
Gold- Chikorita.
Maril- Cyndaquil.
Sylve- I guess Totodile.
Prof. E- Great here now since I'm responsible go fight them troublemakers.
Sylve- WHAT!
Grunt- Hey people are in here.
Maril- Go! Cyndy.
Gold- Chik GO!
Sylve- Toto Go.
Sylve- Bite.
Gold- Leaf Blade!
Maril- Flame Wheel! NOW!
H. Grunt- Flame Wheel.
L. Grunt- BubbleBeam!
Chik and Cyndy fainted.
Wooper fainted.
Sylve- Bite.
H. Grunt- Flame...
Vulpix fainted.
L. Grunt- REALLY! We're so dead we just lost to a kid!
H. Grunt- Just hurry before we get late.
Maril- Good job Sylve!
Sylve- Huh? Wait I won!
Gold- Yeah!
Prof. E- Let's hurry out and you'll be tested to get your license.
Elder- I'll stay here and fight them off.
(10 minutes later outside)
~Tohjo Cave falls apart rock on rock water squirting out~
Gold- Maril NO! You can't go back!
Sylve- Yes she can Toto GO! Use Water Gun!
(5 hours later)
Maril- Grandma!
Elder- Dragonite let the protect down.
Dragonite- Hurr.
~Maril hugs her grandma~
Elder- How'd the rocks disappear?
Gold- Sylve's Toto kept using Water Gun surprisingly he doesn't look or act tired at all!
Elder- Hmm. Seems Toto has taken a like to Sylve!
Prof. E- Sylve here have your license.
Sylve- What about them?
Gold- What about us?
Prof. E- Come with me to Old Bark Town.
  1. Kaben and Madeleine
    Apr 20, 2016