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Pokemon Variants: Togepi Variants

by Billy Joe

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Billy Joe Rotten Togepi Dex Entry- This Pokemon is often regarded as one of the most disgusting there is. The reason it is rotted is because it lives in areas with lots of pollution in the air. They are very mean Pokemon, and only get along with powerful trainers.

Easter Egg Togepi Dex Entry- This Pokemon is very joyful, and loves to be with people. It is used in various ceremonies because of its bright colors

Aquatic Togepi Dex Entry- It is very gentle and kind. It helps lost sailors to land.

Spatial Togepi Dex Entry- Living on meteoroids and asteroids, this Pokemon is very reclusive. It is only seen on certain nights of the year. Some very rich trainers hire astronauts to go on expeditions to find them.