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To the Bakery

by Firox

Lets go to Bakery.jpg
Firox Firox is taking seven younger Pokemon to the bakery
between den and bakery, while passing a park, I gets to ask all what they like;

Vee: "can I gets strawberry cheesecake"
Zorua: "I want a big apple pie"
Pichu: "can I gets lemon bars?"
Patrat: "anything with hazelnuts"
Purrloin: "can salmon be turned into dessert?"
Buneary: "chocolate chip cookies"

Poochyena more than likely just wants to run around the park, I'm sure anything with chocolate will do
  1. Firox
    *cheeze cake for all*
    Apr 22, 2018
  2. Toast the flareon
    Toast the flareon
    *nomz starbery cheez cake*
    Apr 22, 2018