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Timmy in Love

by WindRyder

WindRyder This is a drawing of a brand new OC named Timmy :8B:. This drawing is mainly me testing out Paint tool SAI and a Wacom tablet for the first time and is me experimenting with different features.
I'll be on more now that it is summer break (I was out of town for the last little bit) :D
I'm practicing digital art so bombarded me with request if you want, I'll need lots of practice :3 (or if you requested something a while ago and I forgot :'|)
Please give me some advice :)
PS. Now that I have more time I want to join an RP or two so if you need someone you can ask me X3
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  1. Leeon
    This is VERY COLORFUL. It reminds me of an old game called Um Jammer Lammy.
    Dec 24, 2018