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Konoha's Newest Ninjas: Time To Show Them What I've Got! Within Reason, That Is.

by OmegaCarvineplays

OmegaCarvineplays Zen's finished his first challenge, the written exam.
"What?!!" Zen yelled." That's right Zen, show us a Kekkei Genkai jutsu. This test is specialised to each individual. Mirai had her earth style jutsu and Akira used his Byakugan." Zen raised an eyebrow." You won't be able to see them remember." Naruto sighed and waved a hand." Hey there Zen." Hinata Hyuuga stepped from the shadows, Byakugan active." Ohhhh. You're going to use her Byakugan to assess me. Isn't there a possibility of fixing the exam?" Hinata shook her head." I know how important these exams are. It won't be rigged." Zen grinned." Ok I'll begin."
Zen looked around, purple eyes seeing everything. Because it was a summoning jutsu be cut his thumb." Spirit bind no jutsu!" Smoke arose from the point in the floor where he had dropped the blood." Incredible." Hinata exclaimed as Hachiro stretched." What's up Zen?" He scanned the room and sighed." They wanted you to use a Kekkei Genkai jutsu." He waved his hand at Hinata." Who's this chick? How come she can...ohhhh. Byakugan right?" She nodded and whispered something into Naruto's ear." Zen. Congrats. You passed as top in the class. Hope to see you soon with the Hidden Leaf headband."