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Past to Time - The Story: Time 2: End to Start

by The AnimeFreak

The AnimeFreak It all begins again. The egg. Just what is the egg for?
I woke up in my apartment, and I heard a loud noise again. I looked out the balcony, the crowd was back. The remote was back in the empty cup. The pen was next to me, but the notebook was nowhere to be found. I ran to the crowd and asked for a notebook. “Does anyone have a notebook I can write with?” and them one of them nodded and gave me a book.

I observed the scene and I realised one thing. Everyone stopped moving. I reached into my pocket for a pen, but there was nothing there. I looked in my hat; nothing. I looked in my bag; nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing! It was then that I realised that I left my pen in the balcony. I tried to run back, but then I couldn’t. I wasn’t able to run. This is different from last time. I wasn’t frozen. I was out of energy!

I fell to the floor, and I crawled, and crawled, and crawled back to my apartment, then I crawled to the elevator, then I was suddenly full of energy. I asked myself “What happened?” then I looked around. The elevator reached my floor, but the door didn’t open, so I had to force it open. Surprisingly, it opened the door to my room and not the floor as a whole. I got out and sighed heavily, but then I heard a noise. Bing, click. I looked behind me, and there was no elevator door, just the normal door of my room.

I tried to open the door to the balcony, but it wouldn’t budge. I tried to force it open. Didn’t budge. I soon realised… it was locked. I got the keys from my pocket and left it next to me; on my shelf. I got outside, and I got my pen, and rushed back to the eggs… well, I tried. Turns out the door of the balcony was locked, somehow, so I couldn’t get out. The only thing I could do was jump off the balcony.

There was a pool below me, so I could land safely, but I need to make sure it isn’t shallow. I threw my pen to the pool, and there was no reaction, except a pop, so I jumped down. Sadly, I landed head first, but I made it. I jumped over the fence to the eggs, then I written down my observations on my notebook. I soon realised the crowd disappeared, but I felt like it was easier, so I didn’t mind.

After I done that, my mind started to think of a sudden number, then my body moved on it’s own. The number that popped up in my head was 2. My hands opened my notebook and written down that number, and then there was a bit of a cracking noise in the egg that was standing up high. I tried to look towards the eggs, but instead, I looked at the other direction. Then, I was walking backwards, towards, yes, the eggs.

I couldn’t run away, when I did, my neck felt like it was being choked and it felt like there was a hand grabbing tightly to my heart. My body felt like it was being pulled by two hands, and then I used my ears to look, but there was nothing.

I tried to scream for help, but that would be the last time I would ever talk…

...or so I thought.