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Tigerstar and Scourge

by NightRaven

NightRaven I've worked a bit on this one. ^^ I kinda felt like drawing Scourge for no reason, and decided to include Tigerstar.

Tigerstar and Scourge belong to Erin Hunter
  1. NightRaven
    I agree highly with that; instead of the strange ending, and if Scourge actually did believe in StarClan (he could've been in the final battle, which they could have him kill off Firestar than the hero's new mortal enemy; a tree), Scourge maybe could have survived and killed off Firestar then-and-there, Brambleclaw(soon to be Bramblestar) ending Scourge's life.
    Scourge could have also taken Tigerstar's place to add more suspense whereas Tigerstar could train Scourge(even though Scourge would most likely disagree) and call out Firestar's weaknesses whereas Scourge could then lead BloodClan and the Dark Forest into battle and destroy Forestar and some StarClan cats.
    May 13, 2016
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  2. Crazy Umbreon Lady
    Crazy Umbreon Lady
    Man I luv Scourge >:). I wish he didn't die tho .... :(. He's one of the best characters and so is Tigerstar his "minion"
    May 13, 2016
  3. NightRaven
    Same here xD
    Scourge is, oddly, adorable. I feel bad for him about his siblings, and it's highly ironic how a villain is related to the hero. He's fun to draw, and is just amazing in general xD

    And for some reason, Tigerstar is also one of my favorite characters (I always like the villains of stories, but, one of the few "semi-villains" I hate is Ashfur; he tried to kill Squirrelflight's (adopted) kits all because she loved someone else.

    Such a petty reason to kill, to be honest. XD
    May 12, 2016
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  4. Twilight Nova
    Twilight Nova
    Omg it's great! I love Scourge to be honest X3
    May 12, 2016