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The Showcase Series: Thundershocked

by Shauna23

Shauna23 Azuri and Espurr meet a Pokemon, and are determined to catch it
As Azuri woke up she caught sight of a pokemon, but it ran away. She woke up Espurr, and they started walking again. Suddenly, Azuri stopped. " Oh I'm so dumb sometimes, " she said. " I haven't even scanned you with my pokedex yet." Azuri scanned Espurr, and found out she could use psyshock, scratch, and psybeam. " Nice moves, Espurr," she praised. Then she saw it. It was an adorable Minun, and it was a perfect pokemon to catch." Minun, I challenge you to a battle! " she shouted. Minun was first confused, then went to a battle-ready position. " Espurr, use scratch, go! " yelled Azuri. Espurr used scratch, but it missed after Minun used agility. Minun then used electro ball, but Espurr dodged it Athelstan second. " Ready Espurr? Use psybeam, " commanded Azuri. It just hit Minun, when out of nowhere, Minun used copycat! " No! Espurr! " she yelled. Espurr was badly hurt, she could barely stand up. " Stay strong Espurr! " yelled Azuri. Espurr got up and, without command, used psyshock. Minun was caught off guard, and was hit hard. "Use psybeam, " yelled Azuri. Minun was hit again! " Now, use scratch!" commanded Azuri. It hit Minun again. " Use psybeam again, " yelled Azuri. Minun fell unconscious. " Go, pokeball!" exclaimed Azuri. Minun went in, the pokeball moved for a minute, then sparks showed Minun was caught. " Yah! I just caught a Minun!" yelled Azuri excitedly.
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