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Three Legends- they make a story.

by Star.Prince

Star.Prince These will be SAD. TnT. Don't read unless you have a heart of steal.
Once upon a time, there was a girl and her Pokemon. They loved each other very much. One day, though, the Pokemon was killed. The girl mourned for her lost Pokemon. She loved it more than anything else in the world. Then one day, the Pokemon came back to life. He wasn't like his old self though, he had been a human this time. They lived happily and are now constellations in the Johto sky. A trainer and her Typhlosion.

It was a day on earth, a girl was killed in a battle. Her lover crying for her. They didn't bury her at all, they sent her to space. She wanted to live once more, when she landed on a planet-she became like the life on the planet. A troll, nubby horns and was a mutant blood. She wondered what her lover was doing. She had made blind after her rebirth, she had two generations after her. She was sad and alone, for many years, then found a matesprit. The grubs after her never had a real easy life, and the third generation had their care giver killed, but not by her. The blinded had became her guardian. But to this day the third generation is finding a HUMAN lover.

It was a dark day in Equestria. Buildings gone, families destroyed. When Clestia and Luna had fought for the kingdom, a family of small pegasi had been suffering. The youngest had hid away in a cave till the war was over. Over the time, she had gotten the case of childeren, many children later...one had gotten a different talent than the rest. Instead of Farming, Mining, or Flying it was Music and Gaming. She had met friends that had understood her, but sadly her friend that she had liked the most was taken away. She was an Alicorn, and she had gone into a deep depression. One day, she had kissed her Senpai and became a...normal pony. T_T
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