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thr lost pikachu

by lololol

lololol can the Pikachu fid it owner who knows
On a rather sunny day a trainer and all of his Kanto Pokémon arrive back at home after the Pokémon leuge he herd people talking about a Pokémon witch had the power to destroy the world. Once he herd this he rushed right over to professor oaks lab he told oak ''Professor there is a Pokémon capable to destroy the world and its called Arceus'' the professor thought for a moment and said ''take your Pokémon and try to capture this Pokémon.'' Once he was allowed to go he gathered all of his Pokémon; Venasaur, Dewgon, Rapidash' Beedrill, Pidgott and Pikachu. One the way to the shrine of the unknown Pikachu's pokeball fell out of his bag and Pikachu popped out of it. when he arrived he noticed that Pikachu was gone and accidentally summoned Arceus. He battled it and lost until Pikachu came into the shrine room and hit it with an iron tail attack it made it weak it then hit it 7 more times with iron tail and once with volt tackle then he caught it ''Arceus was caught.'' He took it to the professor he examined it and let him keep it but not to battle with it.

  1. lololol
    My first post hope you like it
    Oct 22, 2016