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Pokémon Kalos Champs: This is POKÉMON!!

by BryceTehTrainer

BryceTehTrainer This is Sparta!!!
Bryce begins to walk through snow "I don't need a Mamoswine!!!" Bryce then got out the snow he ran to a nearby forest talked to a stranger and some Pokémon ran away "I'm a threat.." Bryce put the stranger near the cliff stole his badge and said 3 words "This is POKÉMON!!!" Bryce kicked the stranger and he fell down the cliff Bryce then got a call on his Holo Caster "wha-" Bryce was interrupted "team flare here loser were gonna take over the world because we are douchebags have fun trolololololol!!!!" Bryce then sent out Pidgeot to go to a café Bryce looked at a bookshelf and bashed through it and the nooks hit Lysandre in the head "whoops" Bryce dashed past everyone and got a card did the same going to the elevator and he went to floor 3 ignoring Az inside a jail cell on floor 2 Bryce hit a button stuff Bryce dashed to Geosonge town and he ran into lab and he opened the door dashed past everyone and broke the door to the trees room Bryce sent out Delphox to destroy all the grunts and Bryce threw a Masterball and the tree that turned into a deer aka Xerneas "yay I got all the badges and a legendary now to the league!!!" Bryce blew up the lab and ran away to Victory road to be continued
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  1. BryceTehTrainer
    btw Stranger = Wulfric
    Apr 1, 2016