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This is not a love song.: This is not a love song.

by Hecotoro

Hecotoro Chapter five, I guess.
All I had to do was go down the hall and to the right. That was it. Simple, right? Well I managed to mess that up. I walked down the hall and to the left. Saw things I shouldn't have. I was to stupefied by her that I did not realize what I saw until it was too late.

I opened the door. Three big men, with very nice suits by the way, looked my way. Her father was standing next to another man who was tied down to a chair. Everyone looked at me. The man on the chair looked at me as if saying, please help me. Her father looked at me as if saying, you idiot. The three men looked at me like, I'm going to break his arm. I looked at them like, this isn't the bathroom. I apologized and closed the door. Went to the bathroom and went back to her, pretending I didn't see anything and completely forgot as she began talking to me again.

After my incredible evening by her side I went home, feeling like the luckiest man alive. As I walked down the streets on such a wonderful night, while listening to Maroon 5 on my headphones, I slowly began to dance to the music, bobbing my head along and moving my hands. I was so happy. Another boy about my age was walking in the opposite direction, he too was enjoying his music. We smiled at each other, shot a finger bang, and kept walking. What a nice fella. Just as I was about to cross the street, her father's car appeared.

The tainted window came down, he looked at me and told me to get in. Now here I am. We have been riding for a few minutes now, he has not said a word. Everything came together in my mind now. I know her last name is popular, I always thought it was weird that nobody dates her and I swear I saw his face on television before. He owns the streets, not legally though. I'm going to die today, but that's okay. I just had the most amazing day. It's okay.

"You made my daughter happy today." He says as the car stops.

We seem to be in some sort of port, there is an old warehouse and some abandoned boat. The night is dark and the only thing I can see outside is a very dim light.

"But, I have to make sure you do not speak of what you saw today." He looks out the window, probably thinking of what to do with me. "But if I make you disappear, she will be really upset with me."

Really? Does that mean she likes me? Can you imagine that? Me, attracting the most beautiful girl in the world. I'm in heaven right now.

"Now, this is what is going to happen." He turns to look at me, his stern face sending chills down my spine. "You are going to work for me. You will be my dealer in school AND protect my daughter. This way, if you open your mouth, you will just be another sadistic of the criminal world and they will not bother to try and connect you to me. Understood?"

All I heard was, protect my daughter. I will get to spend more time with her. This man just told me to marry his daughter basically. Finally, the good guy gets what he deserves. "Yes." is my simple answer, but inside there are fireworks going of. "Whatever you need me to do sir."
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    UUUYYYYYYAYAYAYYAYAYA! TWO chapters in one day! THis is EPIC!
    Oct 15, 2019
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