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This is not a love song.: This is not a love song.

by Hecotoro

Hecotoro Inspired to continue, again.
She dragged him in front of everyone who was also leaving the school. He had a silly smile on his face. This was the best day ever. Nothing could ruin it. Except him. He did not know he was in love with the Devil´s daughter. The reason she was still single, the reason why boys feared to get close to her, it was him.

They arrived to a parked car. A black fancy car, probably the latest model. It had tainted windows and it was waxed so good, the reflection of the sun hurt your eyes. The car for some reason, was parked away from the other parents and cars picking up their children. A man got off from the driver´s seat and walked over to her. They saluted each other. The driver opened the back door to reveal a man sitting there. This man had a strong feeling around him. It made you feel less. He seemed superior, even though he was the one sitting down.

¨Hi Daddy.¨ She said as the man got out and greeted her with a hug. After hugging his daughter and giving her a nice warm smile, his eyes turned his attention to the boy with his daughter. The eyes of her father had the power to make him feel fear. He felt so little in front of such a man, he felt like he was worth nothing.

She explained that he was going to help her study so she could pass the final exams. He just nodded to whatever she said. Her father just looked at him, but with that look, everything was explained. If he hurt his daughter in any way, he would wake up one day dead. That was deal those two made, without her being aware of it. She was so innocent, she was so perfect.

They all got into the care. He sat next to Her. He was scared and happy. But as he realized they were going to HER house and probably to HER room, the fear disappeared and his heart began to dance happily.
  1. RenzFlintrock
    Yay! I really enjoy these...
    Sep 2, 2019
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