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This is not a love song.: This is not a love song.

by Hecotoro

Hecotoro Got inspired again.
Seriously?! All he had to do was say what he always wanted to say! Was it that difficult? She was right there! It was him and her. That's it. The situation was perfect. But, he blew it. He could have asked her out and then become the top trainer in the school and go on to win the world championship. But no, he blew it.

She was talking. He wasn't paying attention to her because he was beating himself up inside. He just stood there nodding.

"So that is a yes?" She asked. Her brown eyes looking directly at his.

He was nervous and tried to avoid eye contact. "Sure." He replied. Whatever she wants, whatever she needs. He would say yes to it. But what did he say yes to?

She smiled and walked away. He watched her go, she even walked perfectly. He just stood there trying to figure out what she had said. Something about help? Did he confess he was looking at her? She said something like "Can you believe it?", But believe what? Well he still had a whole class to figure it out.

Unfortunately the school day ended and he couldn't figure out what she said. He walked quickly to leave school, he prefered to avoid being seen. He was just outside, when someone stopped him. He turned around and it was her.

"My dad is here, let's go." She grabbed him by the arm and pulled him away.

Wait...what?! Where were they going? Wait no, it doesn't matter. She was grabbing his arm like a couple. He hoped everyone could see him now!