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Omega Chapters: This Gym is Literally is a Gym

by Sylve Kipper

Sylve Kipper So in this Chapter I fight Brawly and meet Steven. And stuff is getting a little of track.
Ok almost there and:-O.... YOU. how dare you steal my boat. I didn't steal I'm borrowing. No you stole it. UGH IDC here's your boat I'm at my location anyways ok bye. Ok where's the gym? Oh right here. What the it's literally a gym eh ok where's Brawly? Oh right there. Hey time to get destroyed. Ok go Machop and Makuhita go and use Grim Reaper. Ok Mr. Jay and Mudshpert and use Mud FURRY GO GO GOOO. Aw come on why did you have to faint them who cares ok Emboar and Dianc.... HUH where's Emboar's pokeball UGH the Time waster must of stole it. OK Diance go and use Diamond Storm. and the winner is John. YEESSS ok hand over the badge. Here's the Knuckle Badge now you can.....:'| Uuh bye I guess? Ok time to go to??? Hey are you John? Uum STRANGER DANGER HEEELP. Ok finally here and time to go to the mart. Lalalal... AAHH. Ok got a TM Theif and EXP Share. *Police Sirens go off* Oh no hey you can you help me? You gotta help me first. Fine what go? Take and give these parts to Mr. Stern he should be at the Oceanic Museum. Ok bye. Bye. Ok battle me. OK. (5 minutes later) really you moron you can't win one battle. HEY you lost two. Good poin...:-O boss we're sooooo sorry I gave him my pokemon..... Oooww hey. Sorry boss we won't fail you next time. You better come on guys leave this little scamp and old man. Ok what did you want to show me? This. OMG this is the piece's he found them we can finally finish it farewell boy until next time bye. Ook time to do some contests.
  1. Sylve Kipper
    Sylve Kipper
    Gotta play my game
    Jul 27, 2015