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Things I regret doing in Pokemon

by -AlexTheMimikyu-

-AlexTheMimikyu- stuff I regret from when I first played!
1. The first time I fought MewTwo in X...oh arceus, was I unprepared! I ran away the first time, Mewtwo fainted all my team the next 2.

2. I wasted all my money I got from Looker in the Sun after story on the Mall in Heahea city.

3. Being unprepared for the League in Alola, and I HAD THE GUIDEBOOK!

4. Picking Oshawott first time in Unova.

5. Trying to fight Grant's Tyrunt with a Charmeleon.

6. Buying 91 pokéballs to catch Zapados in X, I only used 10, and when I went to sell the rest, I didn't get as much back as I would've buying as much as I had left(81).

7. Wasting money on clothes!

8. Wonder trading. (It's fun to get rare pokémon you don't have, but you really want a magikarp when you wonder traded your 3rd island scan Charamander?)
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  1. PokeStorm
    This is me when I was about 8. Then I finally understood what I was supposed to do. Once I tried beating Red with 6 level 5 unowns in GSC, the farthest I got was the level 40 Rapidash outside Silver Cave...
    Feb 9, 2019
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