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They Call Me the Bad Guy

by Mr.RMA

Mr.RMA Poems are a thing, right? Yeah, yeah, I think they are, I've seen it on the news...
As a sort of companion piece to Dwayna's Kanto RP, here's a look into the mind of a nameless grunt of an as-of-now unknown criminal organization within the Pokemon World.
They call me the bad guy,

The villain

The enemy

The monster

How, may I ask, am I such things?

Because of who I am?

Because of who I work for?

What do those who label me know of my life?

They don’t know

They don’t care

They see the uniform, nothing more

They call me greedy



But they don’t care to ask


They wouldn’t listen if I were to say

To say their precious creatures,

The ones they love so dearly,

The ones they follow,

The ones they worship,

Are monsters to me.

Perish the thought, those creatures of





Being Evil?

Bringers of sickness,



Bringers of anything but happiness?

We know they’re savage

They’ll know soon enough

They’ll thank us when they’re gone

They’ll praise us when we liberate them

Free from these mutants

These… things

Cast out these “heroes”

Adored for their conductions of this violence



Pawns of corporations shrouded as idols

This world we live in condones this

And they call me the bad guy